Moose in Maine

bull moose

Moose in Maine

Maine Moose Facts

Moose facts for watching wildlife in Maine – Greenville is one of the best places to see a moose is in the Moosehead Lake Region. Moose facts – The best time to for viewing is in the early morning or evening time before sunset. May and June are prime moose watching months, although they can be seen throughout all the seasons. To increase your chance of sighting up close, book wildlife watching tour in Greenville, Maine. Late September to early October is a great time to see a bull Moose

There is nothing more rewarding  and exciting when you see them roam free in The Maine Woods of Moosehead Lake Region.

Moose Yearling

Hey, do you want to take my picture?

Top 25 Moose Facts

  1. You can tell age of moose by teeth they pull from managed hunt
  2. They are typically solitary animals
  3. Female is called a cow
  4. A baby is called a calf
  5. Males are called a bull
  6. Maine Moose eat 30-50 lbs of food a day in summer
  7. They eat vegetation called horsetail and other aquatic vegetation
  8. Known as twig eaters –  Birches, Cherries, Willows and Maples 1 inch in diameter – Peel bark off
  9. Moose move relocate for food, as land use changes, clear cuts forestry areas
  10. Female cow first year will have single calf – Beware if watching with calves
  11. Older female have 2 calves then 3 calves – twins
  12. Quadruplets – 4 calves is rare
    Moose facts and Tours

    Moose in Maine

  13. Maine Watching Habitat – they like new growth hardwoods and balsam fir
  14. The antlers have blood supply that coats them with velvet in the spring
  15. In full velvet, blood supply stops, they rub off the velvet and the antlers harden
  16. Main purpose of antlers is for mating season
  17. Fall Mating moose season called the rut
  18. Rut is typically mid September to first of October
  19. Antlers shed in December and January
  20. Males are darker with a lighter nose
  21. White or Ghost Moose occurs from hair loss rubbing, broken hair grows in white
  22. Hair under chin is called a Bell – Shapes and sizes differ
  23. Antlers are high in protein, animals eat them
  24. Fast runners up to 35 mph – Don’t try to out run them.
  25. Great swimmers up to 6mph.


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