See Fall Foliage in New England

See Fall Foliage in New England

See New England Fall Foliage

New England fall foliage season in 2016 will be diverse this year. Several New England states faced severe drought conditions and others simply periods of droughts.  The White Birches in some New England states have already turned brown and fallen off. A mention to New Hampshire referenced leaf peepers may be disappointed.  Drought conditions are affecting the trees throughout New England.

Fall Foliage 2016

                                It is time to visit New England – Fall Foliage Awaits

Where can I go see fall colors in New England

Visit Greenville, Maine to see 2016 fall colors in New England. Autumn has arrived in Northeast.  New England Maine foliage on the White Birches are showing off nice yellow autumn colors with more appearing everyday. Some Striped Maples with yellow tones are turning quickly and is a welcome sign of  overall current tree health. New England Fall Foliage

2016 Fall Foliage Report

Fall foliage on the crowns of trees started to turn a few weeks ago and spotty color is now surfacing. Sugar Maples showcasing shade of red for few weeks.  Early turning trees are showing off peak colors and other trees are just starting turn.  Several windy days and some rain last week, tested the foliage outlook for the 2016 season. Leaf loss was normal and I enjoyed watching leaves twirling down, diving and floating by.

Leaf Peeping Observations

Autumn leaf peeping observations are more rewarding every year. Many people love places to see fall foliage. Fall travel experts with a Recreational Guide on staff and the Maine Fall Girl report observations.  Moosehead Lake, Greenville Maine is a great place to see fall foliage. Autumn colors can be seen right now. Moosehead Lake Region just may be the best place to view fall foliage in New England in 2016.  Bright fall colors of fallen leaves and early morning light offers a perfect opportunity to photograph autumn colors. best fall colors

Fall Foliage Reports

Maine fall foliage reports are mapped into large zones which can vary. For sixteen years, we have been observing autumn colors. Our leaf spotters today reported foliage is now 25% to 40% in Greenville, Maine area with low leaf loss. Every week colors may change 15% or more within a mapped zone.  You can now see bright colors in turning trees and peak colors in others.

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