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16 Nov Autumn Fall Colors

Best Autumn Fall Colors

Autumn fall colors in New England dazzling leaf peepers and guests this autumn in Greenville, Maine and areas around the Moosehead Lake Region. Great foliage travel news for those touring New England looking for peak fall colors. Foliage season in 2016 showed off exceptional colors with vibrant fall peak colors and low to medium leaf loss thus showcasing beauty for leaf peepers after Columbus Day. Absolutely, one of the most beautiful display of foliage that we have seen in seventeen years. Take a fall foliage tour into the mountains and let sit back while your guide shows you the best fall colors of Moosehead Lake, overlooks and discover the beauty.

Vibrant Autumn Fall Colors

Yellow fall foliage

As a avid leaf spotter, and foliage reporter, 2016 must be remembered as a noteworthy year to have viewed vivid autumn fall colors. The trees in New England, Greenville, Maine area displayed vibrant fall colors. Certainly a great foliage destination without any doubt one not to be missed. The 2016 fall foliage season must be remembered as especially unique since colors where present late into fall.  For instance, there are a variety of fall colors on the leaves along with some leaves having multiple colors dappled, patchy and even blended stripes as if each leaf is being  painted by an artist. 

Get Inspired – Embrace New England Fall Colors

Such a colorful season enjoying the amazing display of autumn colors in a variety of fall foliage shades of reds, yellow and oranges. Each leaf notably worthy of a color name. Fall is an inspirational time of year; therefore, we named leaf colors seen and took many photographs on our foliage tour. Fantastic fall colors of 2016 seen this year and the bronze, gingers, and gold tones are now standing out. 

2016 Autumn Fall Colors List 

Foliage leaf peeping is fun particularly when you imagine a name for the autumn colors you see. For example, here is a list of New England fall colors in Greenville, Maine. 

  • Tiger Striped Oranges
  • Yellow Striped Reds                                                                         best autumn fall colors
  • Pumpkin Oranges
  • Burnt Oranges
  • Peachy Oranges
  • Golden Tones
  • Orange Yellows                                                                               
  • Brilliant Yellows
  • Mellow Yellows 
  • Pear Yellows
  • Lemon Yellows
  • Yellow Foliage
  • Salmon Orangesautumn fall colors
  • Scarlet Reds
  • Pomegranate Reds
  • Raspberry Reds
  • Maroon Purples                                                                            

Autumn Fall Colors – Get Outside

An inspiring time of year to observe foliage colors of nature.  With this in mind, sit under a beautiful tree, take a walk down a trail of scattered colors, or simply rake leaves admiring the scattered colors. Fall  is a colorful journey to experience.  It’s never to late to embrace the fall season, as these photos were taken from September to end of October. A perfect time to plan a sightseeing road trip to Maine. By all means, discover autumn fall colors in Moosehead Lake Region. 




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