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07 Oct Fall Report

Fall Colors Foliage Report

red foliage

Bright reds came on after the rain.

Maine fall colors have come on strong this last week. Rain rejuvenated the tree health. Then a few dry days, sunshine and a light frost was just what we needed to update our foliage report to moderate colors. The reds became brighter, and we are saying “Hello Yellows”. The striped maples are beautiful.

Fall Foliage Report for This Week

October 2015 – 10/7 – Moderate autumn colors – 35-55% range with leaf loss varying depending upon the trees running at overall about 15 – 3o%. Along with the rains came some wind. A delightful time to take a walk while the colors are vibrant.

fall foliage

Beautiful fall reds found near water

Scenic Fall Drives

– Always a winner is an off the beaten path where it looks like your driving through a tunnel of fall colors.  Covered bridges, mountain side colors, and rambling brooks and streams dappled with colors.  All just minutes away from Greenville, Maine in the Moosehead Lake Region.  Check out scenic fall travel Rt 201 N to Rt 16E to Abbot, which intersects with Rt15 and head North and other fall pages on this site. Everyone loves the beautiful nature views.

Foliage reports will  be updated here on our blog or feel free to contact us directly.  Our prediction is that it we have another 2 weeks of fall foliage viewing. This is later than last several years. Many visitors to New England are driving to Maine chase the beauty of the season. Oh yeah and to see moose too!

Until next time, take care and enjoy the sunshine. Today is going into the 60’s. There is a beautiful yellow stripped maple with a chair under it is calling my name.

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27 Sep Autumn Foliage Report

Awesome Autumn Foliage Report

Fall leaf peeper’s and photographers wait on autumn foliage reports. Seeking out the beauty of fall. Guest from all over love autumn in Maine. It is a colorful season that brings on foliage changes from mid September to mid October.  Get the latest fall foliage information by following us.

autumn foliage turning

                                               Watch autumn foliage turning during your stay

New England is famous for its fall color. With only 4 days left in September and fall colors about 15% leaf peeping season is just starting. Autumn foliage reports will be posted in our blog section so be sure to check back for foliage updates for 2015.

As of today, color is scattered. Overall foliage appears to be in 15% range with early leaf loss from the white birches and some maples. I have seen color changes up to 20 % in one week. Things are looking good for switch to colors coming on fast within the next few weeks. Just in the past week, the some reds have already turned to darker maroon foliage.

fall canopy of color in Maine

                                         Escape to tranquility – Imagine sitting under a canopy of color! 

Greenville Maine was just recently named as one of the best places to see foliage by Trip Advisor. Foliage tours are available by steamship, and private tours into the surrounding mountains show case mountain side colors with scenic overlooks. Moosehead Lake is a special place of unspoiled beauty where even Maine residents from all over the state come to vacation in Greenville.

Into the mountains fall tours

In the mountains – Fall tours available – Journey into the mountains of Moosehead Lake area

This year the state of Maine did not experience a typical New England Maine summer. Maine weather varied greatly with some areas seeing record rainfall to some areas seeing very little. Autumn foliage this fall will vary based on where you travel.

Northern Maine had a very dry summer. as of 4 days ago guests stated there is no color in the area. When driving to Greenville, they started seeing fall colors. We had periods of rain and days of sunshine.

We are seeing the Birch trees with higher then usually leaf loss. They always drop leaves first. Will have to see if the yellows come on. Once the color starts, we see changes up to 20% each week.

Robin in the Fall

Watch migrating birds in the fall

Enjoy every moment. Listen leaves rustling about and crickets. Watch for migration of birds, Take a walk on a covered woods trail dappled with foliage gems. Early fall leaf peepers are rewarded with vibrant colors and warmer days.

fall in the woods

Enjoy a sunny autumn day 

 Autumn colors may not be widespread, but the reward of coming across patches of fall foliage is a treasured momentHere are a few photos taken during the last few days.

Stay tuned for autumn fall foliage reports and photos from the fall girl. Gotta go enjoy the day it is 60 degrees, sunny and the crickets are chirping.

Fall Resources:

In the mountains tour by Special T Adventures Fall Landscapes – photo credit Trevor Davis


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12 Sep New England Fall Foliage

Fall Foliage Emerging

Signs of autumn in Maine are emerging. It won’t be long before the woods are filled with fall foliage autumn colors. Plan a fall vacation to Greenville Maine voted #1 New England foliage vacation destination featuring Moosehead Lake, Mountains, waterfalls and foliage safaris. Enjoy fall sights and tastes of New England on a culinary tour while leaf peeping. Maine’s foliage season is also great for moose watching too.

Fall Foliage

New England summer was stormy so we are starting out with some leaf loss. A leaf peeping bonus is the reward finding that perfect tree to photograph with beautiful fall foliage  exposing majestic limbs. Overall tree health remains fair to good, and we look forward to a colorful season, but perhaps a quick one.

Fall Adventures

Journey through the 2013 fall foliage season with us as our son, Trevor Davis, from Special T Adventures Guide Service will be helping with posting foliage photographs and HD video from his unique foliage and moose tours.  He has many special talents and would be honored to show you some great foliage and lake views and moose too. An adventure culinary tour the tastes of Maine, showcases some beautiful scenery which includes some off road fall foliage tours.

Throughout the season we will show you color changes from a sitting spot under some maples where the late afternoon sun glimmers showcasing brilliant colors. Love the blue sky in the background. All fall photos posted were taken yesterday from one of my foliage sitting spots.

Fall Foliage Reports – From The “Maine Fall Girl”

Fall foliage reports

Hi, I am the “Maine Fall Girl” – aka –  Heather Davis – My husband, Ron and son Trevor,  have 14 years of New England fall tourism and hospitality experience. As a leaf ambassador and corresponder for fall foliage forums over the years we were inspired to start our own fall blog. Here is what has been happening in Maine. I postponed posts, the last two weeks as there was not much exciting happening. Little fall color changes seen in last several weeks until now.  The few cold nights and frost advisories have made a difference. Fall foliage color is 10 – 20% prevalent with color changing daily.  Some trees are starting to crown and the maples outside my window are starting to show signs of reds and oranges.

You will also find Maine Travel information for The Cozy Moose and Special T Adventures at Google +, Facebook and Twitter.

Get Maine Fall Updates –

Watch for featured foliage tree of the week. Post your own favorites throughout the season.  There is a RSS feed under the fall foliage category on the right that you can sign up for to get fall reports for touring New England foliage and for Maine travel. It happens quickly, once the it starts. Now is the time to plan a trip to visit Greenville, Maine Moosehead Lake Region/ Check back for our photo of the week or our photo of the day as color progresses.

Fall Lodging and Fall Guided Tours

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