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05 Sep Fall Foliage Turning

Fall Foliage Turning

Maine fall foliage colors are now surfacing in Greenville, Maine Moosehead Lake Region. red fall foliage turningLoving autumn, Maine fall vacations and observing seasonal changes over the last 18 years, there are certain things we look for to declare foliage as turning.  Over the last several weeks, hints of autumn colors appearing on stressed trees popped up to get leaf peepers excited.  Now we are posting fall foliage turning color reports to plan guests plan their fall vacations.

Once colors start to surface the transformation can last few weeks to over a month depending upon the weather, with changes of up to 20% from week to week. View fall foliage report from September 29, 2016  to compare foliage seasons.

10 Signs of Fall Foliage Turning

  1. A few weeks ago, noticed that tall ferns foliage turning with spotty colors and stripes of golden bronze.
  2. Blueberry foliage turning starting to show off deep reds to purple leaves.
  3. Sugar Maple tree outside my window is always an early tree and has fall foliage turning with scattered red bright red leaves randomly on the ground.
  4. The beautiful white birches start to show off limbs of yellow limes, then quickly turn more yellow as days progress.
  5.  You hear the rustle of leaves blowing across pavement.
  6. Temperatures are about 10 degrees below normal and dipping into the 40’s and you are closing windows.
  7. Every few days, noticeable changes in fall foliage turning means fall has arrived!
  8. Caterpillars appear, and crickets seem louder in stillness of cool evenings.
  9. Morning sunrise photography at 5:30 am you can see your breath and are thinking about gloves.
  10. Fall foliage turning – when the top of trees start to crown with fall colors not just a limb or leaf fall has arrived.

Fall Foliage Turning  Season

There are many places one can look for fall foliage reports in New England, Maine. This can be from online magazines, to Official Foliage reports on the different phases from turing to past peak. All may slightly differ on timing of posts. We post frequently on various social platforms when inspired.

We love when the fall foliage turning surfaces to low fall color season where colors run through the leafs and warm sunshine with cool evenings. Then onto moderate where a variety of colors or more than 50% of the trees display colors then off to high where colors are 50 – 75%. Then there is peak greater than 75%  and after peak where the colors are fading and leaf loss maybe high. We love all stages of fall from turning to peak and even after peak and therefore, post frequently about fall colors, moose and mountain fall tours, and report with photographs of colors we see. Last years autumn fall foliage season  ended up being one of the best in years.

Maine Fall Foliage Turning Reports

The Cozy Moose Team bases fall foliage turning reports seasonal observations and 18 years of first hand experience with a Maine Guide on staff in the Maine Woods.

Observations over the years, leads us to believe that this fall foliage season just might be an early fast season. Lets all hope for another long fantastic autumn like last year. Be sure to connect with us. Thanks and enjoy the fall.

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12 Sep New England Fall Foliage

Fall Foliage Emerging

Signs of autumn in Maine are emerging. It won’t be long before the woods are filled with fall foliage autumn colors. Plan a fall vacation to Greenville Maine voted #1 New England foliage vacation destination featuring Moosehead Lake, Mountains, waterfalls and foliage safaris. Enjoy fall sights and tastes of New England on a culinary tour while leaf peeping. Maine’s foliage season is also great for moose watching too.

Fall Foliage

New England summer was stormy so we are starting out with some leaf loss. A leaf peeping bonus is the reward finding that perfect tree to photograph with beautiful fall foliage  exposing majestic limbs. Overall tree health remains fair to good, and we look forward to a colorful season, but perhaps a quick one.

Fall Adventures

Journey through the 2013 fall foliage season with us as our son, Trevor Davis, from Special T Adventures Guide Service will be helping with posting foliage photographs and HD video from his unique foliage and moose tours.  He has many special talents and would be honored to show you some great foliage and lake views and moose too. An adventure culinary tour the tastes of Maine, showcases some beautiful scenery which includes some off road fall foliage tours.

Throughout the season we will show you color changes from a sitting spot under some maples where the late afternoon sun glimmers showcasing brilliant colors. Love the blue sky in the background. All fall photos posted were taken yesterday from one of my foliage sitting spots.

Fall Foliage Reports – From The “Maine Fall Girl”

Fall foliage reports

Hi, I am the “Maine Fall Girl” – aka –  Heather Davis – My husband, Ron and son Trevor,  have 14 years of New England fall tourism and hospitality experience. As a leaf ambassador and corresponder for fall foliage forums over the years we were inspired to start our own fall blog. Here is what has been happening in Maine. I postponed posts, the last two weeks as there was not much exciting happening. Little fall color changes seen in last several weeks until now.  The few cold nights and frost advisories have made a difference. Fall foliage color is 10 – 20% prevalent with color changing daily.  Some trees are starting to crown and the maples outside my window are starting to show signs of reds and oranges.

You will also find Maine Travel information for The Cozy Moose and Special T Adventures at Google +, Facebook and Twitter.

Get Maine Fall Updates –

Watch for featured foliage tree of the week. Post your own favorites throughout the season.  There is a RSS feed under the fall foliage category on the right that you can sign up for to get fall reports for touring New England foliage and for Maine travel. It happens quickly, once the it starts. Now is the time to plan a trip to visit Greenville, Maine Moosehead Lake Region/ Check back for our photo of the week or our photo of the day as color progresses.

Fall Lodging and Fall Guided Tours

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