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17 Aug Wild Maine Blueberries

Wild Maine Blueberries

Wild Maine Blueberries – August is Blueberry Season a time where it is harvest time in Maine. A fun thing to do in with the family harvesting Maine foodie delight to eat now or gather for winter delight.  For years, sporting camps serve up blueberry delights as the berries are free, and people love learning about the wild blueberries in Maine.

Wild Maine Blueberry Seasonwild Maine blueberries

Blueberries peak season is around mid August in Greenville, Maine. Roadside stands offer fresh blueberries that sell quickly at premium price well worth it packed with nutrition. You can find pick your own farm fields or go out in the woods and look for plants off hiking trails or logging roads as they grow wild in the Maine Woods.

Where to find Wild Blueberry Shrubs

Low shrub Maine Wild Blueberries can be found in fields with open tracts in cut fields along the edges and mountain ridges. A variety of low bush blueberry shrubs intermingle composing of various characteristics in the plants. That is why color, size, and flavors of Maine wild blueberries differ.

Learn How to Grow and Harvest Wild Maine Blueberries

Learn about wild blueberry shrubs and how to nurture them for a better yield. Simple and easy with great rewards.

Maine Blueberry Shrubs MaintenanceWild blueberry shrubs

Blueberry shrubs need to be maintained as other ground vegetation, tree seedlings and tree limbs will eventually take over and shrubs will eventually die.  This spring, I made an extra effort to prune back tree limbs, pulling small tree growth working the wild blueberry shrub patch to enable more sun to get a larger harvest of blueberries.

Wild Maine Blueberries

With little effort throughout the summer, the blueberry patch doubled in size. It is now about 30 ft by varying depth of 2 – 4 feet. The shrubs are healthy with abundant berries to pick.

Encourage Bees to Pollinate

In May, I start hardening my flower seeds started indoors to attract bees early. As season goes on, many bees continue to pollinate the beautiful light pink flowers of the blueberry bushes in my yard. Attract native bumblebees with garden blooms as they are great pollinators. Bees love, hollyhocks, coneflowers, zinnias, bee balm just to name a few.

Maine Living Harvesting Blueberries

So far blueberry low bush shrubs have yielded about 3 quarts of wild blueberries. Best to pick as they get ripe, so the plants unripened blueberries will grow bigger. Picking techniques from small rakes to hand picking. Some farms use more advanced methods.

Low bush wild Maine Blueberry plants fruit is now ripe and ready to harvest. Time to get out and get picking as blueberry season is here. The rewards having wild blueberry shrubs are many. For instance, they have twice the antioxidants of regular blueberries.

The blueberries are so small and delicate, I like to pick by hand pruning and weeding at the same time. Pick through and clean, freeze flat on paper plate in ziplock bag. A great recipe for creates a potent antioxidants of from the wild blueberry shrubs.

Picking Blueberries – Wild Blueberry Bush Identification

Top 10 Ways to Enjoy Blueberries

  1. Eat by the handfuls
  2. Make a Blueberry Coffee Cake
  3. Use frozen berries for smoothies
  4. Fresh berries with plain yogurt drizzle with honey
  5. Make a blueberry dipping sauce
  6. Blueberry Pie – easy to make
  7. Eat in cereal with milk
  8. Top oatmeal with blueberries drizzle with Maine Maple Syrup
  9. Blueberry Ice Cream Shake
  10. Blueberry Pancakes an all time favorite

Article by Heather Davis

The Cozy Moose – Maine Living helping others learn and enjoy the Maine way of life.



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24 Jun Vacation Packing Travel Tips

Maine Vacation Packing Travel Tips

Packing for your vacation to Maine?  Start off  by making a Maine vacation travel planning list on what to bring. Families and small groups typically plan for the usual things bring. I like planning for my vacations. Being prepared ahead of time. Others, prefer to travel light. Either way, you can pick up anything you need for your vacation resort town of Greenville, MaineSunset Cabin Lakefront

What to Pack for Your Vacation

Here is a quick vacation packing overview for you. Plan to shop and pack beforehand.  You will have things on hand and less shopping to do when you get here. Check rental amenities offered so you have an idea what to pack.

Summer Vacation Time – Always bring beach towels or recreational towels. We provide bath towels, some places charge extra for them.  Caution not to stain with bleach products. Knowing this beforehand is important. To keep towels fresh during your stay. Let them dry in the sun. Ask about linens. We provide linens and bedding.

Plan Ahead – Bring bug spray, a hat, bandanas, a light long sleeve, and light pants. Lemon balm lotion seems to deter bugs. Unscented sun screen is always better. Note: Stand downwind. Use bug spray in open area away from vehicles, buildings and decks. Sprays leave stains on surfaces and vehicles. It is best to shower at night before bed with un-scented soaps. No perfumes – Bug’s love it. Bedding stays fresh. It deters bugs the next day.

Shoes – Have good sturdy pair of walking or hiking shoes with hard rubber on the toe. A pull strap on the back with good tread is important. Great outdoor shoes at stores in town.  Bring river shoes to protect your feet.

Clothing –  Plan to bring a warm fleece and have a layer with waterproof shell. Be prepared for all weather. When vacation packing, you should dress in layers. Indian Hill Trading Post offers Clothing and Hiking Footwear

Pack Equipment – Don’t forget binoculars and camera. Bring a GPS. There a many geocaches along area hikes. Let your rental agent know what recreational equipment such as boats, bikes, canoes, kayaks and or a trailer you may bring. We reserve space for you ahead of time.

Save money on your vacation in Maine

Maine Travel planning.  Save time and money. Families will benefit from having products on hand to use. Buy bulk paper products at Discount Store – Septic safe TP, Paper Plates, Paper Towels, Napkins, and plastic cups. There is no glass at waterfront, please bring bottled water.

Look for our next blog post on Maine travel blog. Featuring eating on your vacation. Learn about our favorite foodie finds along the way. Get ready for your road trip to Maine.

Travel Packing Travel Resources:


Parents Family Vacation Travel Tips


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07 Mar Maine Maple Sunday

Maine Maple Syrup

Maine Maple Syrup

Maine maple syrup vacations in March brings promises of warmer days and tastes of Maple Syrup. Sugar Houses around the State including two in the Moosehead Lake Region are open for this traditional Maine Travel Event. For 31 years Maine Maple Sunday has attracted visitors to Maine for this free foodie fun event. Read on to learn more about Maine travel information for Piscataquis County and statewide links to this event. The fourth Sunday in March is the official weekend that you can visit sugar shacks which are open to the public and no charge.

Maple Syrup Production

Watch the production of sap and tour the facilities. Maine has the potential to be the number one state in syrup production with its vast land resources. Each spring, Maple Syrup producers hope to have a six week window of production. Maple sap flows are best with night time lows of 20F and day time highs of 40F. You can actually see rings around the trees in the snow as the trees warm up and the sap starts to flow.

Subzero and single digit temperatures below normal could delay production. A week of good temperatures will get the sap flowing through the lines or into buckets. Did you know it takes 30 to 50 gallons of sap to produce 1 gallon of syrup? There are several grades of Maine Maple syrup and are rated for taste and color. All which are on display for tasting at open houses.

maine springMaple Syrup in Moosehead Lake

Last year, we traveled to Breakneck Ridge Farm. Just a short drive from Greenville. The mountain scenery was beautiful crossing over flowing rivers and streams with ice  capped banks. Scenic landscapes revealing the changing of the seasons and the promise of warmer days.
We got to taste all kinds of delicious maple products and learn about syrup production. You will want to bring some money as the temptation will be great to purchase maple syrup items for sale. This Maine tour was educational, fun and included wildlife viewing of the buffalo. I had so much fun with Special T Adventures as my Maine Guide on this Tour which is now an annual spring trip.

Breakneck Ridge Farm

We also enjoy breakfast at the Shirley Community Church features Baker’s Maine Maple Syrup is just 15 minutes out of Greenville. Dates may vary slightly. Planning a March weekend getaway in New England? This is a great spring adventure. Plan a weekend vacation in Maine this spring and include a Maple Syrup event and enjoy the sights and tastes of Maine.

Maine Travel Resources for Maple Syrup Sunday: – Nearby tours in the Moosehead Lake Region Baker’s Maple Syrup – # 4 is Bakers Maple Syrup, and nearby is #14 Breakneck Ridge – Maple Sunday Events State Resource

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