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20 Oct Foliage Sightseeing

Foliage Sightseeing – Tunnel of Colors

Foliage sightseeing fall adventure tour called “The Tunnel of Colors” is a leaf peepers delight. I patiently wait for this tour all season for peak colors in addition a day with a beautiful blue sky.  Today was the day, I was told be ready to depart at 8:30 am.,of course, a sense of pure joy overcame me. Anticipating the best fall foliage sightseeing with a tunnel of autumn colors,  thus I grabbed my gear and got ready for the foliage adventure tour to begin. fall sightseeing

A variety of fall landscapes to video awaited with a Moosehead Lake vacation stop at The Cozy Moose Cabins in Maine to end the tour. 


Foliage Sightseeing Maine Fall 

The early morning sunlight splashing on the foliage is very vivid as we drove through amazing  shadows on the road displaying intricate limbs of the mighty trees from the sun rising.fall sightseeing tour  The views on the first loop are amazing and I got ready to finally video autumn foliage colors to showcase on YouTube Fall in New England Maine Tunnel of Autumn Colors.   

Foliage Tunnel of Autumn Colors

So this fall sightseeing journey is one of the best fall foliage trips I like to take. A scenic colorful tunnel of foliage loop that ventures on and off road, stopping at a few favorite views and foliage trees. Some old maples displaying favorite foliage autumn colors of yellows and oranges.

Fall Foliage Reflections

Especially rewarding is the beautiful reflections of color in the water from bridges overlooking river beds with flowing water bogs with glimpses of mountain color in the background. foliage sightseeing tour  Few stops offering some water reflections and a tunnel of color. This foliage sightseeing tour continues to amaze venturing through a tunnel of foliage color. The trees blanket you in various autumn colors above, beside and in front of you.


Fall Sightseeing Video  

The Tunnel of Colors is a great fall sightseeing journey in particular a journey to share an amazing fall video. Outdoors, midweek, peak or after peak, surprisingly, this is a great fall getaway special anytime.  Embrace the colorful beauty of the majestic trees in the Maine Woods. 

You Tube Fall Sightseeing Video

Romantic and invigorating, you will absolutely enjoy your visit to view the New England Fall foliage in Maine during your stay in your warm and cozy lakeside cabin. Refresh, rejuvenate and relax, a leaf peeping paradise awaits. 

Watch videos on fall colors. This foliage sightseeing Journey “ The Tunnel of Colors” is a fantastic fall video post for everyone to enjoy. Please like, share and comment. Thank you for watching. 


Heather Davis from The Cozy Moose Instagram

Trevor Davis – Maine Vacation Adventure Guide Service

Maine Fall Trips

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19 Feb Maine Cultural Tourism

Maine Cultural Tourism

Maine cultural tourism in Moosehead Lake Region. Experience Maine culture, history and heritage of  times gone by yet still celebrated and not forgotten. Attractions, festivals, and events are planned throughout the season to celebrate times of the past and present.

Throughout all seasons there are various historical Maine tours available promoting Moosehead Lake Region unique heritage. A great way to connect to natural resources, lifestyle and history that shaped Moosehead Lake and the surrounding area.

Maine Tourism

Historical attractions aand preservation of popular culture still remains. Take a Maine sightseeing cultural tour. Venture in the woods to a historic sight. Learn about local culture, and Mooseheead Lake attractions. Attend annual events and visit the historical places.  Check out our Moosehead Lake event Calendar for cultural events.

Vacation travel focused on historical and culture sightseeing focuses on narrative storytelling of times gone by from the our Professional Maine Guide. We are always learning something new. Guides and outposts are an important part of Maine Heritage. It is so much fun exploring unknown territories. Nostalgic memories are a healthy way to escape the fast pace of life today.

Cultural History

Train Depot at The Greenville Junction

Maine Culture

Vacation guests can experience and identify with history of past. It is a way to gain a greater appreciation of life for heritage, culture, arts, and ethnic history of Moosehead.

Connect with our  lifestyle, foods, travel and learn about the way of life at Moosehead. We share the celebration of life throughout the seasons of Maine. Culture not forgotten, passed on by generations. Take in the history and culture of North Woods of Maine.

Guided Cultural Tours

Cultural heritage in Maine is best experienced with an professional local. Authentic cultural tour experience is offered by our Maine Guide. Embark on historical culture based tour. Tour length is approximately 3 hours and appropriate for all ages.
Have fun exploring, make new discoveries, and learn about Maine traditions that endure today.

Cultural Tourism - Historic Bridge

Visit Lowe’s Historical Covered Bridge

A list of unique Maine historical places to visit and things to do are listed below. Discover history and heritage on your own .Learn local culture at your pace.

Maine Cultural Tourism

Resources of Historical Sights in Maine:

  • Forestry Fire Tour
  • Train Station Depot
  • B52 Bomber Crash Site
  • Maine Maple Syrup Open House
  • Mt Kineo – Historical Site
  • Katahdin Iron Works
  • Lowe’s Covered Bridge
  • Moosehead Marine Museum – June – Sept
  • Steamship Cruises on the Katahdin (The Kate) – 100 Years Old
  • Seaplane Museum
  • Center for Moosehead History
  • The Appalachian Trail
  • Moosehead Historical Society Tours – June – Sept
  • Artists – The Gallery – Beyond the Bend – Wood Carving Demonstrations


Annual Moosehead Lake Maine Cultural Tourism

Events & Cultural Festivals

  • B52 Memorial Snowmobile Ride
  • MooseMainea
  • Forest Heritage Days – Tours and Logging Competition
  • Thoreau Wabanaki Indian Festival
  • Seaplane Fly In
  • Local Craft Fairs
  • Save the Train Depot Festival- Train History and Railways

We attend, endorse and visit all the historical sights. Cultural tourism is now part of us as. We learn to live and love the land in Maine. Making Maine culture and history part of our life in the Moosehead Lake Region.

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