Winter Tourism in Maine

30 Dec Maine Snowmobiling

Moving Snow - Then off I Go

Moving Snow – Then off I Go

Maine Snowmobiling Reports

Greenville Maine Moosehead Lake Region has February snowmobile conditions in December. This is very promising and with sub zero temperatures it looks like it is here to stay. Last night we got about 4- 6 inches of  beautiful white snow. No rain here.  The Maine Snow Report is comprised of various local resources and based on snowmobile riders observations.
Maine snowmobiling – Come on and get it. The snow base varies from in town trails being the least, to  snowmobile trail conditions being very good with a hard packed base 2 feet++ in higher elevations.  All major trails have been groomed at least once, and have very little traffic. Most all trails are open and a few re-routes are to be expected due to logging. They are being signed with a detour on RT 66 and a small section to Kokadjo. I noticed panned trails 2 weeks ago in the area club trails.


Squaw Mountain Ski Resort in Greenville reports all 14 trails open with 2 feet of natural snow before the recent storm passed last night.

Thinking about a snowmobile vacation – don’t hesitate- the conditions are great. Greenville caters to snowmobilers but also snow vacations for skiing, dog sledding, cross country skiing, and ice fishing starting this year off with a bang of white snow and great ice conditions.

Plan a Maine snowmobile vacation early this year, as January is the time to get some great riding in and look for antler sheds. The beauty of the season is amazing and something to be experienced. Reports will be generated throughout the season, sign up and get the vacation news for Moosehead Lake Region.

Author = Heather Davis  – Cozy Moose Lakeside Cabin Rentals  and Ron Davis

Author = Trevor Davis – Special T Adventures Maine Guide Service

PS. Facebook posts updated frequently – Find the above contacts on Facebook and their business to see what they have been up to.

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11 Feb Snow Vacations Winter Tourism in Maine

The Cozy Moose

Discover the beauty of Maine winter trails

Winter Vacations in Maine

For those seeking a snow vacation in Maine, now is a great time to book as the forecast looks quite promising for any New England winter vacation activity from snowmobiling, down hill skiing at Squaw Mountain, Cross Country Skiing, snow shoeing, winter hiking and sledding. An active round of weather patterns for snow in Greenville Maine is expected this week.

Snow vacations

Round 1– Snow and more snow, Hooray Hooray! Maine Winter storm Nemo brightened things up this weekend with about 6 inches snow in the Greenville area with some drifting and blowing snow depths varied greatly. The sun came out yesterday and it was a perfect day to play in the snow not to mention beautiful. There is just something magnificent about a sunny day with an amazing blue sky in the winter and of course snow.

Round 2 – Currently we are under a winter weather advisory starting this afternoon until midnight tonight, another round of snow is expected to bring 6 inches of snow.  It is currently snowing now as I type this. Areas just 40 miles south of us is expected to start out as snow and turn to rain. Good news is the Greenville area of the Moosehead Lake Region is suppose to be all snow.

Round 3– Talk of another potential big snowstorm later in the week, will extend the winter tourism season here. Snow vacations in Maine a beautiful winter wonderland awaits.



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10 Dec Maine Snowmobiling – Current Snow Conditions

Snow conditions in Maine

I am dreaming of a white Christmas

Greenville Maine snow current conditions will now be posted here. Be sure to subscribe to get the latest information for the 2012- 2013 Maine Snowmobiling season and surrounding snowmobile trail conditions, including groomer sightings and information as they are reported by those who groom and ride the trails in the Moosehead Lake Region. 


This morning a storm passed through and there is about 3 -4 inches of snow on the ground with a light crust over the top. Cold weather temps with highs hovering around freezing and lows dipping down at night is just what we need for our snowmobiling base to set up.  Areas south of us were to change over to mix and then all rain. No rain in Greenville Maine.  🙂 Looking like an all snow event for Moosehead Lake Region and points north.  Looking forward to a white Christmas and all the joys of playing in the snow.   






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28 Nov Maine Snowmobiling Vacations

Maine Snowmobiling

Snowmobile adventures in Greenville Maine

Snowmobile Tourism – Snowmobiling is a fun winter sport adventure that offers many benefits allowing one to view beautiful scenery, be with friends and family, and be close to nature. No other New England state has more snowmobile trails then Maine.  Enjoy a snowmobile vacation in Maine where the state offers snowmobilers more trails than any other New England State with a 14,000 mile snowmobile trail network.  With so many snowmobile trails, and destinations to choose from how do you know what to look for or where to stay? Listed below are a few things one should consider when planning a snowmobile vacation to make it the best it can be.

Snowmobile  Destinations – Snowmobilers should choose a location that has an ongoing commitment to interconnecting snowmobile trail development and a dedicated trail grooming network. Your destination should be one with town wide support from local businesses and active local snowmobile clubs which includes nearby snowmobile dealerships, sales, service and parts retailers as well as educated snowmobile lodging accommodations which will make it easy for you to enjoy your snowmobile vacation.With over 14,000 miles of trails to explore in Maine, including the 3,500 miles of Interconnecting Trail System (ITS) of groomed well marked trails to explore, it is easy to see why Maine is becoming the state of choice for a snowmobile vacation.  The Moosehead Lake Region of Maine is known for its  scenic snowmobile trails encompassing lakes and mountain vistas, as well as its wildlife natural resources including the  “Maine Moose” making it a great home base for a snowmobile vacation in Maine.  The town of Greenville Maine, is an attracting snowmobile vacation destination for New England snowmobiling with overwhelming town wide support to apply for grants to improve all-terrain vehicles and snowmobile access to Moosehead Lake and downtown Greenville.  Join in on a group snowmobile ride, take part in the town Snow Festival a week of fun events in February, or join us for the USCC Maine 100 Race Weekend including a snowmobile scavenger hunt and cookout.

Where to Stay – We all know that snowmobilers want good trails, but in addition to that the destination needs to be one that offers services and lodging choices that accommodates snowmobilers. Greenville Maine is becoming a preferred destination over surrounding areas as it has more dining, lodging choices, good snowmobile trail contacts, fuel outlets and snowmobile services including snowmobile rentals and snowmobile guide services which  make it easy for you to enjoy your vacation.  Not all accommodations in Moosehead Lake Region offer specialty lodging for snowmobilers. When choosing accommodations for snowmobile vacation, one should evaluate the location of the rental and look at the trail network nearby. Be sure to ask trail access questions and look at maps to where you will be staying as location is key for a snowmobile vacation that is centrally located to various trail systems and rides is much better. Snowmobile friendly lodging establishments should provide you with trail maps, good trail advise, be familiar with area trails, offer suggested rides including pit stops for gas and food.  After all it is all about you and your desires, so staying with someone that directly caters to snowmobile lodging, offers guide services, gear packages, snowmobile rental assistance and can assist you with planning a snowmobile vacation would result in a better overall experience.

Choose a Maine  snowmobile vacation rental that offers snowmobiling just outside your door and makes it easy for you to enjoy a hassle free snowmobile vacation. We suggest that you consider a lakeside cabin rental or vacation home rental where there is room for everyone and has years of experience in the industry. Maine snowmobiling at The Cozy Moose offers you a full range of services, snowmobile vacation resources, cabins and cottages just 5 minutes to shopping and dining and specializes in snowmobile vacations. An amazing unforgettable snowmobile experience.


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