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12 Mar March Snow Top 5 Snow Activities

March Snow

Snowy March for 2018 in Greenville, Maine. Looking for snow in March? You will find plenty here in Moosehead Lake Region of Maine. February warm up came too early and wondered if it would be an early Spring in Maine. Well, March came in like a lion, and several Nor’Easters hit New England states with high winds, snow and rain. As a result, inland and Northern Maine, has kept a snow base in the woods of approximately 14 inches of snow.   Add that to the 14 inches of snow that fell over the last few days and thats 2 feet plus of snow in March. The Cozy Moose Cabins has listed Top 5 March Snow Activities including wildlife watching at our cabins on Moosehead Lake. Winter storm warnings for “Skylar” the 3rd Nor’easter to hit Maine in last 2 weeks brining big time snow fall to Maine.

Spring Wildlife Watching Cabins

Wildlife Winter Guests

snowy winter vacation sports

snowmobiling back trails

Top 5 Snowy March Activities

Another round of snow is headed our way in next 2 days forecasted to dump 12 to 18 inches of snow. One forecaster stated get ready for it to snow and not stop. Spring may be around the corner, but in Moosehead Lake Region of Maine, we are gearing up for the best winter sports season. A time when snow conditions are perfect and temperatures are not subzero.

March Snow Much Fun winter vacation snowshoeing

  1. Go Snowmobiling – With temperatures at night going down below freezing, grooming of snowmobile trails has started up once again. Greenville, Maine had four groomers out the other day. Surrounding towns, and snowmobile clubs have also been out making for some awesome riding, perhaps, the best of conditions for 2018 due to a snow in March.  Explore our great snowmobile trails.
  2. Downhill Skiing and Snowboarding – Big Squaw Mountain is back with groomed trails for downhill skiing and snowboarding, new equipment rentals and trails. Learn more about Maine winter snow vacations. 
  3. Snowshoeing and Cross Country Skiing – Outdoor adventures in March planned for snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and winter hiking. This weekend brings a Winter Family Fun Day Lily Bay State Park on the trails – Free Skiing and snowshoeing equipment rentals, bonfire, hot dogs and hot chocolate.  Admission – $1.50 for ages 12 -64 for this Snowy Event Saturday, March 17, 2018.    In addition, Northwoods Wellness organizes group hikes throughout the season in the Moosehead Lake Region.
  4. Waterfall Hikes – Gaining popularity in the springtime as in March snow typically starts to melt and runoff waters freeze and re-freeze making for amazing sights. Get your snowshoes, ice grippers and stabilizer poles and plan ahead to experience a waterfall hike in the snow in March.
  5. Wildlife Sightings- Wildlife encounters should be more plentiful as the March snow base will be deeper in the woods than usual. Animals will tend to walk on snowmobile trails or packed trails to conserve energy. It also provides them with new sources of food being able to reach higher up on trees to eat tree growth as the buds have started to emerge.  Also a great time for winter bird watching as well. How about a spring snowmobile wildlife tour?
    Winter Moose Tours

    Winter Moose


March Snow Time and Wildlife

Snow time as we wait for it to start snowing again. Flakes and flurries are flying around outside as we write this. If you have not experienced “snow much fun” in the Spring, head to the Cozy Moose for an unforgettable Snow vacation in March. Cabins for rent at deal season rates for a snowy getaway. A winter wonderland escape to enjoy the March Snow.


Travel Resources for March Snow

Pine Tree Weather Forecast  Get lasted updates for Maine weather and  Snow Storm Skylar



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20 Oct Foliage Sightseeing

Foliage Sightseeing – Tunnel of Colors

Foliage sightseeing fall adventure tour called “The Tunnel of Colors” is a leaf peepers delight. I patiently wait for this tour all season for peak colors in addition a day with a beautiful blue sky.  Today was the day, I was told be ready to depart at 8:30 am.,of course, a sense of pure joy overcame me. Anticipating the best fall foliage sightseeing with a tunnel of autumn colors,  thus I grabbed my gear and got ready for the foliage adventure tour to begin. fall sightseeing

A variety of fall landscapes to video awaited with a Moosehead Lake vacation stop at The Cozy Moose Cabins in Maine to end the tour. 


Foliage Sightseeing Maine Fall 

The early morning sunlight splashing on the foliage is very vivid as we drove through amazing  shadows on the road displaying intricate limbs of the mighty trees from the sun rising.fall sightseeing tour  The views on the first loop are amazing and I got ready to finally video autumn foliage colors to showcase on YouTube Fall in New England Maine Tunnel of Autumn Colors.   

Foliage Tunnel of Autumn Colors

So this fall sightseeing journey is one of the best fall foliage trips I like to take. A scenic colorful tunnel of foliage loop that ventures on and off road, stopping at a few favorite views and foliage trees. Some old maples displaying favorite foliage autumn colors of yellows and oranges.

Fall Foliage Reflections

Especially rewarding is the beautiful reflections of color in the water from bridges overlooking river beds with flowing water bogs with glimpses of mountain color in the background. foliage sightseeing tour  Few stops offering some water reflections and a tunnel of color. This foliage sightseeing tour continues to amaze venturing through a tunnel of foliage color. The trees blanket you in various autumn colors above, beside and in front of you.


Fall Sightseeing Video  

The Tunnel of Colors is a great fall sightseeing journey in particular a journey to share an amazing fall video. Outdoors, midweek, peak or after peak, surprisingly, this is a great fall getaway special anytime.  Embrace the colorful beauty of the majestic trees in the Maine Woods. 

You Tube Fall Sightseeing Video

Romantic and invigorating, you will absolutely enjoy your visit to view the New England Fall foliage in Maine during your stay in your warm and cozy lakeside cabin. Refresh, rejuvenate and relax, a leaf peeping paradise awaits. 

Watch videos on fall colors. This foliage sightseeing Journey “ The Tunnel of Colors” is a fantastic fall video post for everyone to enjoy. Please like, share and comment. Thank you for watching. 


Heather Davis from The Cozy Moose Instagram

Trevor Davis – Maine Vacation Adventure Guide Service

Maine Fall Trips

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25 Sep Mountain Fall Foliage Tour

Fall Foliage

New England Fall foliage are dazzling leaf peepers as they seek the colors of autumn. Summer fades away and beautiful fall foliage emerges. Color displays vary from year to year based on weather conditions, but autumn is always a spectacular time to visit Maine for sightseeing tours and other fall foliage activities. autumn colors in Maine


Fall Foliage Sightseeing

Cozy Moose Fall foliage special autumn tours consist of scenic drives on open public lands and on unpaved roads exploring colors in the Maine Woods, certainly offering great sightseeing from scenic overlooks.  There are three different fall foliage tours for leaf peepers  delight in reality each having a different nature based experience.  One of my favorite tours is the “Into The Mountains” fall foliage expedition for sightseeing. The other two tours available are Rivers, Bridges and Bogs Tour and The Tunnel of Colors are equally beautiful.


Appealing Fall Foliage Tour – Into the Mountains Fall tours sightseeing

This exclusive “Into the Mountains“, Fall foliage tour of Moosehead Lake Region traverses through endless trails and winding logging roads. Into the woods forests, over streams and climbing up along a mountain ridge offering great elevation unspoiled foliage views of mountain side color. Ideal for all ages and ability, this fall sightseeing trip is appealing and comfortable where you tour in comfort taking in the beauty enjoying the sights along the way. The second half of the fall trip transcends down on the low side of the mountain crossing small streams, and through a bog area where there is a chance to see moose along the way. Other wildlife sightings such as birds, owls and hawks are not uncommon to see.

Maine cabin rentals

Fall Foliage Trip – Lakeside Lodging

  1.  Available 9/15 through 10/25
  2. 2 guests – Package Price Starting $650 – Tour and 2 nights lakeside lodging or $850 3 nights lodging and tour.
  3. Stay on Moosehead – King Cabin Suite
  4. Private Fall tour- Pick up and departure from cabin
  5. Tour length approximately 3.5 to 4 hours.
  6. Columbus Day  Weekend 3 nights stay
  7. Add Lodging tax 9%
  8. Guides Gratuity not included
  9. Includes bottled water and a snack

Trip Offers   and Tour Add- ons 

Get ready to be inspired, as you stop at overlooks, see beautiful scenery and make memories for a lifetime. A very special fall sightseeing tour in Maine that is sure to please.

Fall reports, updates, and Maine Fall Foliage Group posts updates for your fall foliage vacation. Stop by and say Hello! Other related links of interest:

Maine Fall Trip Ideas




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05 Sep Fall Foliage Turning

Fall Foliage Turning

Maine fall foliage colors are now surfacing in Greenville, Maine Moosehead Lake Region. red fall foliage turningLoving autumn, Maine fall vacations and observing seasonal changes over the last 18 years, there are certain things we look for to declare foliage as turning.  Over the last several weeks, hints of autumn colors appearing on stressed trees popped up to get leaf peepers excited.  Now we are posting fall foliage turning color reports to plan guests plan their fall vacations.

Once colors start to surface the transformation can last few weeks to over a month depending upon the weather, with changes of up to 20% from week to week. View fall foliage report from September 29, 2016  to compare foliage seasons.

10 Signs of Fall Foliage Turning

  1. A few weeks ago, noticed that tall ferns foliage turning with spotty colors and stripes of golden bronze.
  2. Blueberry foliage turning starting to show off deep reds to purple leaves.
  3. Sugar Maple tree outside my window is always an early tree and has fall foliage turning with scattered red bright red leaves randomly on the ground.
  4. The beautiful white birches start to show off limbs of yellow limes, then quickly turn more yellow as days progress.
  5.  You hear the rustle of leaves blowing across pavement.
  6. Temperatures are about 10 degrees below normal and dipping into the 40’s and you are closing windows.
  7. Every few days, noticeable changes in fall foliage turning means fall has arrived!
  8. Caterpillars appear, and crickets seem louder in stillness of cool evenings.
  9. Morning sunrise photography at 5:30 am you can see your breath and are thinking about gloves.
  10. Fall foliage turning – when the top of trees start to crown with fall colors not just a limb or leaf fall has arrived.

Fall Foliage Turning  Season

There are many places one can look for fall foliage reports in New England, Maine. This can be from online magazines, to Official Foliage reports on the different phases from turing to past peak. All may slightly differ on timing of posts. We post frequently on various social platforms when inspired.

We love when the fall foliage turning surfaces to low fall color season where colors run through the leafs and warm sunshine with cool evenings. Then onto moderate where a variety of colors or more than 50% of the trees display colors then off to high where colors are 50 – 75%. Then there is peak greater than 75%  and after peak where the colors are fading and leaf loss maybe high. We love all stages of fall from turning to peak and even after peak and therefore, post frequently about fall colors, moose and mountain fall tours, and report with photographs of colors we see. Last years autumn fall foliage season  ended up being one of the best in years.

Maine Fall Foliage Turning Reports

The Cozy Moose Team bases fall foliage turning reports seasonal observations and 18 years of first hand experience with a Maine Guide on staff in the Maine Woods.

Observations over the years, leads us to believe that this fall foliage season just might be an early fast season. Lets all hope for another long fantastic autumn like last year. Be sure to connect with us. Thanks and enjoy the fall.

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17 Aug Wild Maine Blueberries

Wild Maine Blueberries

Wild Maine Blueberries – August is Blueberry Season a time where it is harvest time in Maine. A fun thing to do in with the family harvesting Maine foodie delight to eat now or gather for winter delight.  For years, sporting camps serve up blueberry delights as the berries are free, and people love learning about the wild blueberries in Maine.

Wild Maine Blueberry Seasonwild Maine blueberries

Blueberries peak season is around mid August in Greenville, Maine. Roadside stands offer fresh blueberries that sell quickly at premium price well worth it packed with nutrition. You can find pick your own farm fields or go out in the woods and look for plants off hiking trails or logging roads as they grow wild in the Maine Woods.

Where to find Wild Blueberry Shrubs

Low shrub Maine Wild Blueberries can be found in fields with open tracts in cut fields along the edges and mountain ridges. A variety of low bush blueberry shrubs intermingle composing of various characteristics in the plants. That is why color, size, and flavors of Maine wild blueberries differ.

Learn How to Grow and Harvest Wild Maine Blueberries

Learn about wild blueberry shrubs and how to nurture them for a better yield. Simple and easy with great rewards.

Maine Blueberry Shrubs MaintenanceWild blueberry shrubs

Blueberry shrubs need to be maintained as other ground vegetation, tree seedlings and tree limbs will eventually take over and shrubs will eventually die.  This spring, I made an extra effort to prune back tree limbs, pulling small tree growth working the wild blueberry shrub patch to enable more sun to get a larger harvest of blueberries.

Wild Maine Blueberries

With little effort throughout the summer, the blueberry patch doubled in size. It is now about 30 ft by varying depth of 2 – 4 feet. The shrubs are healthy with abundant berries to pick.

Encourage Bees to Pollinate

In May, I start hardening my flower seeds started indoors to attract bees early. As season goes on, many bees continue to pollinate the beautiful light pink flowers of the blueberry bushes in my yard. Attract native bumblebees with garden blooms as they are great pollinators. Bees love, hollyhocks, coneflowers, zinnias, bee balm just to name a few.

Maine Living Harvesting Blueberries

So far blueberry low bush shrubs have yielded about 3 quarts of wild blueberries. Best to pick as they get ripe, so the plants unripened blueberries will grow bigger. Picking techniques from small rakes to hand picking. Some farms use more advanced methods.

Low bush wild Maine Blueberry plants fruit is now ripe and ready to harvest. Time to get out and get picking as blueberry season is here. The rewards having wild blueberry shrubs are many. For instance, they have twice the antioxidants of regular blueberries.

The blueberries are so small and delicate, I like to pick by hand pruning and weeding at the same time. Pick through and clean, freeze flat on paper plate in ziplock bag. A great recipe for creates a potent antioxidants of from the wild blueberry shrubs.

Picking Blueberries – Wild Blueberry Bush Identification

Top 10 Ways to Enjoy Blueberries

  1. Eat by the handfuls
  2. Make a Blueberry Coffee Cake
  3. Use frozen berries for smoothies
  4. Fresh berries with plain yogurt drizzle with honey
  5. Make a blueberry dipping sauce
  6. Blueberry Pie – easy to make
  7. Eat in cereal with milk
  8. Top oatmeal with blueberries drizzle with Maine Maple Syrup
  9. Blueberry Ice Cream Shake
  10. Blueberry Pancakes an all time favorite

Article by Heather Davis

The Cozy Moose – Maine Living helping others learn and enjoy the Maine way of life.



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16 Feb President’s Day 2017 Weekend Travel

President’s Day 2017 Weekend Travel

Presidents-day-2017-weekend-travel getaway available to book for the long weekend in our Maine Lakefront Cabin Rental on Moosehead Lake.

Last Minute Getaway Available

Escape this weekend and enjoy a good old fashioned winter. One that has not   not been seen in years. Live in the moment.

Snow covered winter wonderland

Moosehead Lake is the place for a awesome last minute getaway. Blizzard left 22+ inches of snow on top of a 3 ft base.  Breaking trail yesterday the snow was waist deep. Lots of powder to play in.

Snowmobile Maine Moosehead Lake

                 Snowy Weekend Escape 


2017 President’s Day Weekend Winter Escape

With such an amazing winter wonderland of epic beauty, we have opened up the Lakefront Cabin to Book for the President’s Day Weekend. A perfect snowy getaway for a lifetime of memories just. Only 25ft from Moosehead Lake off a private road yet just 6 miles to Greenville, ME. The ideal getaway for ice fishing, snowmobiling or simply a chance to appreciate the beauty of nature.

Lakefront Cabin Weekend Getaway

 Amazing Cabin Getaway $875

President’s Day 2017 Weekend Travel

  • Subject to the following:
  • Two guests, double occupancy, king bedroom – 3 nights
  • Check in Friday 17th, 2017 at 3pm – 4pm office closes
  • Check out Monday 20th, 2017 before 9am from the cabin
  • Lodging tax
    2017 Presidents Weekend Cabin Views

                      Inspiring  Cabin Views

Includes linens, towels, Dish TV, Wi-Fi with priceless views. Book the Lakefront Cabin  and improve your mental state of mind. There is only one Lakefront Cabin so you must call  207-695-0242 to claim your 2017 President’s Day getaway.  Contact Us

Maine News for President’s Day 2017 Weekend Travel Events:

  • Friday attend a Chili and Chowder Cook-off at the Snowmobile Club
  • Saturday – Enjoy your favorite snow activity. Get outdoors
  • Sunday – Famous Chocolate Festival Fundraiser Event – Tastes of Moosehead foodie travel event
  • Free Fishing President’s Day 2017 Weekend – Saturday and Sunday – No license
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08 Feb Snowy Winter Vacations News

Snowy Winter Vacations

Looking for snowy winter vacations? We got snow in Moosehead Lake Maine.  Winter vacations in Maine  are full of exciting things to do in the Moosehead Lake Region. Greenville, Maine and surrounding areas offer snowy getaways for families with kids, romantic getaways, snowmobiling, ice fishing, nordic skiing, Skiing at the Squaw Mountain, dog sledding and winter trekking.

Best Winter Vacations Free Snow Activities

Enjoy a snowy winter vacation cabin getaway on Moosehead Lake offering snow capped mountain views and sensational sunsets glimmering across the snow covered lake and through the trees. Did you know Greenville, Maine offers free activities for snow lovers wanting to get outdoors. For instance, go explore groomed trails, snowshoe, cross country skiing, go ice skating with free skates. Many families build snow forts out of snow banks or find a sledding hill. How about a romantic walk as the snow flakes fall gently from the sky.snowy fun snowboarding

Snowy Conditions

With a solid snow base in the woods over 3 feet and more in the mountains with 6 inches of powder on top. By far, Greenville, Maine, is one of the best places to travel for snow. A good old fashion winter in Maine started early this year and an active pattern ahead with more snow on the way. We stayed on the cold side of the storm and got another 4 inches of snow last night.

Snowy Winter Fun – Snowmobiling

snowy winter vacation sports

Snowmobiling– Ongoing grooming sections and logging operations have moved out on local area trails. This is the most snow in January we have seen in 17 years. Snowmobile rentals available in Greenville, lodging and snowmobile tour specials. Now, February is here all trails are in great condition for the season. Snowmobiling in the mountain ridges you just might get buried in the snow. Guide services for powder runs and scenic tours available daily offering specialty tours – Maine Guide Service – Maine Guide Special T Adventures

Skiing at Squaw Mountain

New cross country ski trek developed through the woods by donation through the woods. The mountain is a non profit group of volunteers from snow skiingGreenville and many business donations making improvements all the time. For instance, a new warming hut is now open, in addition, hopes of opening the upper Mountain is in the works. Donations of all kind are needed. Make this happen donate here –  Open the top mountain with your support.  ***Donations of $500 or more will include private transportation and first tracks on the Upper Penobscot for 2 people on the date of your choice***

Snowy Winter Events

Winter events Some clubs and organizations plan last minute winter travel activities or specials. Maine Travel updates are included for your winter snowy vacation pleasure. Winter is here; even more club activities from snowmobiling, to skiing, live music and ice sculptures will surely add fun to snowy winter vacations in Maine.

Friends of Squaw Mountain-   Sunday 2/5/17 – Mogul Mites for young ones – 2/10/17 4th Annual Friend Day – 2 for 1 tickets, 2/19/17 Ski Free – Maine Highlands Credit Union – 5 guests

Ice Racing – Start of the season for ice racing is this Saturday 2/11/2017 at noon! We will keep you posted?? West Cove Ice Racing

Dog Sledding – Guide services for dog sled tours and basket rides are also available by locals specializing in dog sledding.

Great Snow VacationsSnowy Winter vacations

No winter blues at Moosehead.  Such an invigorating, rosy-cheek feeling  spending time outdoors in the winter amidst the fresh air. Enjoy the snow and gaze upon blue sky snow capped mountains. Whatever your pleasure, active, or low impact adventures. Undoubtedly, the Moosehead Lake Region of Maine has you covered for a snowy vacation getaway this winter.

Just give us a call and stay with us for a hassle free snowy winter vacations whatever your pleasure is. Great for all ages, warm and cozy with incredible scenery creating memories for a lifetime.

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16 Nov Autumn Fall Colors

Best Autumn Fall Colors

Autumn fall colors in New England dazzling leaf peepers and guests this autumn in Greenville, Maine and areas around the Moosehead Lake Region. Great foliage travel news for those touring New England looking for peak fall colors. Foliage season in 2016 showed off exceptional colors with vibrant fall peak colors and low to medium leaf loss thus showcasing beauty for leaf peepers after Columbus Day. Absolutely, one of the most beautiful display of foliage that we have seen in seventeen years. Take a fall foliage tour into the mountains and let sit back while your guide shows you the best fall colors of Moosehead Lake, overlooks and discover the beauty.

Vibrant Autumn Fall Colors

Yellow fall foliage

As a avid leaf spotter, and foliage reporter, 2016 must be remembered as a noteworthy year to have viewed vivid autumn fall colors. The trees in New England, Greenville, Maine area displayed vibrant fall colors. Certainly a great foliage destination without any doubt one not to be missed. The 2016 fall foliage season must be remembered as especially unique since colors where present late into fall.  For instance, there are a variety of fall colors on the leaves along with some leaves having multiple colors dappled, patchy and even blended stripes as if each leaf is being  painted by an artist. 

Get Inspired – Embrace New England Fall Colors

Such a colorful season enjoying the amazing display of autumn colors in a variety of fall foliage shades of reds, yellow and oranges. Each leaf notably worthy of a color name. Fall is an inspirational time of year; therefore, we named leaf colors seen and took many photographs on our foliage tour. Fantastic fall colors of 2016 seen this year and the bronze, gingers, and gold tones are now standing out. 

2016 Autumn Fall Colors List 

Foliage leaf peeping is fun particularly when you imagine a name for the autumn colors you see. For example, here is a list of New England fall colors in Greenville, Maine. 

  • Tiger Striped Oranges
  • Yellow Striped Reds                                                                         best autumn fall colors
  • Pumpkin Oranges
  • Burnt Oranges
  • Peachy Oranges
  • Golden Tones
  • Orange Yellows                                                                               
  • Brilliant Yellows
  • Mellow Yellows 
  • Pear Yellows
  • Lemon Yellows
  • Yellow Foliage
  • Salmon Orangesautumn fall colors
  • Scarlet Reds
  • Pomegranate Reds
  • Raspberry Reds
  • Maroon Purples                                                                            

Autumn Fall Colors – Get Outside

An inspiring time of year to observe foliage colors of nature.  With this in mind, sit under a beautiful tree, take a walk down a trail of scattered colors, or simply rake leaves admiring the scattered colors. Fall  is a colorful journey to experience.  It’s never to late to embrace the fall season, as these photos were taken from September to end of October. A perfect time to plan a sightseeing road trip to Maine. By all means, discover autumn fall colors in Moosehead Lake Region. 




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29 Sep See Fall Foliage in New England

See New England Fall Foliage

New England fall foliage season in 2016 will be diverse this year. Several New England states faced severe drought conditions and others simply periods of droughts.  The White Birches in some New England states have already turned brown and fallen off. A mention to New Hampshire referenced leaf peepers may be disappointed.  Drought conditions are affecting the trees throughout New England.

Fall Foliage 2016

                                It is time to visit New England – Fall Foliage Awaits

Where can I go see fall colors in New England

Visit Greenville, Maine to see 2016 fall colors in New England. Autumn has arrived in Northeast.  New England Maine foliage on the White Birches are showing off nice yellow autumn colors with more appearing everyday. Some Striped Maples with yellow tones are turning quickly and is a welcome sign of  overall current tree health. New England Fall Foliage

2016 Fall Foliage Report

Fall foliage on the crowns of trees started to turn a few weeks ago and spotty color is now surfacing. Sugar Maples showcasing shade of red for few weeks.  Early turning trees are showing off peak colors and other trees are just starting turn.  Several windy days and some rain last week, tested the foliage outlook for the 2016 season. Leaf loss was normal and I enjoyed watching leaves twirling down, diving and floating by.

Leaf Peeping Observations

Autumn leaf peeping observations are more rewarding every year. Many people love places to see fall foliage. Fall travel experts with a Recreational Guide on staff and the Maine Fall Girl report observations.  Moosehead Lake, Greenville Maine is a great place to see fall foliage. Autumn colors can be seen right now. Moosehead Lake Region just may be the best place to view fall foliage in New England in 2016.  Bright fall colors of fallen leaves and early morning light offers a perfect opportunity to photograph autumn colors. best fall colors

Fall Foliage Reports

Maine fall foliage reports are mapped into large zones which can vary. For sixteen years, we have been observing autumn colors. Our leaf spotters today reported foliage is now 25% to 40% in Greenville, Maine area with low leaf loss. Every week colors may change 15% or more within a mapped zone.  You can now see bright colors in turning trees and peak colors in others.

Sign Up to See New England Maine Fall Blog Reports

Get the latest Cozy Moose News from our travel blog . Stay tuned for next fall foliage report or follow us @cozymoosecabins see New England Fall Foliage

See New England Fall  Foliage Photography Photo Links:

Instagram @cozymoosecabins Fall Photos

Fall 2016 Photos


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07 Sep Seaplane Fly In

Seaplane Fly In

The Seaplane Fly In is an annual event the first weekend after Labor Day in Greenville, Maine. It is the largest event in the Moosehead Lake Region attracting pilots, spectators, New England crafters, and food vendors.  The 2016 Seaplane Fly In will be celebrating 43 years for this event.  We have attended sixteen Seaplane Fly In Maine events here in Greenville, Maine. A few must do and see things that we look forward to every year. We have no affiliation to anyone mentioned here. Only desire is to give Greenville, Maine visitor’s to the Seaplane Fly In 2016 a local insider’s fly in travel tips. New this year is a 5K run-walk that starts at 8am on 9/10/16.

seaplane fly in

Seaplane Fly in

Seaplane Fly In Best Food Stops

Our first stop is typically to find Jan’s Mini Donuts. Get coffee and donuts here at the vendor cart typically set up near the airplane hanger. Then I like to go look for Jan’s Heavenly Pickles. She makes the best Dilly Beans.  Her pickles are great too. Next it is off to look for Sawyer’s Maple Syrup. Great rubs and the Maple Syrup products are reasonably priced. Then go look for Worcester’s Wild Blueberry Products. They make fresh blueberry pies. Buy a whole pie.  There are many other food vendors selling fudge, baked goods and food carts.

Seaplane Fly in Specialty Foods

Maine foodie delights


Seaplane Fly In Favorite Craft Stops

I visit this crafter first to get the best selection. Sweaters by Beth Made in Maine. I have many and love them all. Next look at jewelry. There are some very nice pieces from precious Maine stones. Love the Maine watermelon tourmaline.  After jewelry, it is off to appreciate the pottery, photographers, painters, and woodworking. Soaps and lotions a must. My favorite is Old Tyme Soap Shop Premium Lotion- Lemon grass scented lotion is great for keeping bugs at bay. Then it is off to check out the Wood Carver, Joe Bolf, just past the Town Office on Midden Street.

Seaplane Fly In – Things to Do in Greenville, Maine

Watch the planes flying by. Organized fly overs downtown Greenville are always great to watch. A demonstration by the IF&W Forestry shows how they use a helicopter and bucket scoop to get water from the Lake to put out forest fires.  Check outThoreau Park and enjoy the flowers and gardens. Just across from the Dairy Bar.  Also take the scenic drive up to the airport.

Seaplane Fly In Events

Seaplane Fly In Events

Seaplane Fly In Transportation Services and Mini Tours

There are several places for free shuttle services.  There are no rental car companies in Greenville. Some local watering holes at night offer dedicated drivers. Shuttle services will be running back and forth to the airport for pilots who fly in during the day.

Private Mini Tours during the Fly In includes complimentary transportation to the airport and downtown Greenville for up to 4 or 5 guests. Seaplane Tour information on vendor locations and insider tips plus more.  Seaplane Fly In – Mini Tour prices start at $25 for 1 or 2 people – each additional person $10.00.  Tour Duration approximately 15 to 30 minutes and can be extended. Call Special T Adventures at 207-280-0661 for availability and scheduling for tour pick up.

Fly In Event Schedule –


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