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07 Mar Maine Maple Sunday

Maine Maple Syrup

Maine Maple Syrup

Maine maple syrup vacations in March brings promises of warmer days and tastes of Maple Syrup. Sugar Houses around the State including two in the Moosehead Lake Region are open for this traditional Maine Travel Event. For 31 years Maine Maple Sunday has attracted visitors to Maine for this free foodie fun event. Read on to learn more about Maine travel information for Piscataquis County and statewide links to this event. The fourth Sunday in March is the official weekend that you can visit sugar shacks which are open to the public and no charge.

Maple Syrup Production

Watch the production of sap and tour the facilities. Maine has the potential to be the number one state in syrup production with its vast land resources. Each spring, Maple Syrup producers hope to have a six week window of production. Maple sap flows are best with night time lows of 20F and day time highs of 40F. You can actually see rings around the trees in the snow as the trees warm up and the sap starts to flow.

Subzero and single digit temperatures below normal could delay production. A week of good temperatures will get the sap flowing through the lines or into buckets. Did you know it takes 30 to 50 gallons of sap to produce 1 gallon of syrup? There are several grades of Maine Maple syrup and are rated for taste and color. All which are on display for tasting at open houses.

maine springMaple Syrup in Moosehead Lake

Last year, we traveled to Breakneck Ridge Farm. Just a short drive from Greenville. The mountain scenery was beautiful crossing over flowing rivers and streams with ice  capped banks. Scenic landscapes revealing the changing of the seasons and the promise of warmer days.
We got to taste all kinds of delicious maple products and learn about syrup production. You will want to bring some money as the temptation will be great to purchase maple syrup items for sale. This Maine tour was educational, fun and included wildlife viewing of the buffalo. I had so much fun with Special T Adventures as my Maine Guide on this Tour which is now an annual spring trip.

Breakneck Ridge Farm

We also enjoy breakfast at the Shirley Community Church features Baker’s Maine Maple Syrup is just 15 minutes out of Greenville. Dates may vary slightly. Planning a March weekend getaway in New England? This is a great spring adventure. Plan a weekend vacation in Maine this spring and include a Maple Syrup event and enjoy the sights and tastes of Maine.

Maine Travel Resources for Maple Syrup Sunday: – Nearby tours in the Moosehead Lake Region Baker’s Maple Syrup – # 4 is Bakers Maple Syrup, and nearby is #14 Breakneck Ridge – Maple Sunday Events State Resource

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20 Jan Snow in Maine

Come Play in the Snow Maine

Snow in Maine

– Winter is back in Greenville Maine with snow flurries over the last 3 days accumulating about 5 inches in our area. The recent snow flurries have started up grooming once again by area snowmobile clubs.

Reports of decent snowmobile conditions were surprising all that came up to venture out on the snowmobile trails. Greenville groomers will go out today and tonight and work on the trails. Area guests report riding from Greenville to surrounding towns putting on over 160 miles.

Squaw Mountain Ski Resort opened up on Saturday for skiing and the evergreens are once again coated with snow. How beautiful it is.

Snow conditions - Makes you want to get out and play!

Snow conditions – Makes you want to get out and play!

Snow in Maine –  flurries have made for a nice view out the window. Come on up and play in the snow. Word is that the Moosehead Lake Area is suppose to receive over 4 feet of snow before February 15th. Hmmm, now thats a lot of snow. Some days forecasted for over a foot.

Make plans to visit as Spring will be here before we know it.
Snowmobile Rentals, Snowmobile Tours, Rentals, SKiing, Snow shoeing and Sledding and searching for moose. Whatever your pleasure, playing in the snow is healthy for the body, mind and spirit. Nature is calling, don’t let the season pass on without admiring the beauty.

Snowmobile Rentals, Snowmobile Tours, Skiing and more. Come play there is snow in Maine.

Daily totals of snow in Greenville Maine reports at

Also check out snow reports and related post links for snowmobiling by area riders at

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04 Jan Ice Fishing Derby Moosehead Lake

Moosehead Lake Maine Ice Fishing Derby

Ice Fishing on Moosehead Lake

Ice Fishing on Moosehead Lake

Ice fishing on Moosehead Lake season starts January 1 through March 31 of every year. The ice fishing derby is an annual event that every Maine fisherman hopes to catch the trophy fish. A fun winter event where you can spend quality with friends and family. Moosehead Lake is home to a variety of fish, but this derby is for Togue also known as lake trout. Maine has an excellent Togue population and Moosehead Lake has yielded good size fish over the years. The minimum length requirement is 14 inches. Trophy fish have been taken out of the lake. You just never know what you may catch.

Moosehead Lake Ice Fishing Derby

This annual event is held the last full weekend in January just days away. The three day event has cash prizes for the three biggest fish. First prize is $1500, which draws in fisherman from all over to try their luck. Everything you need is available in the town of Greenville, Maine. Two years ago, the winning fish was caught right here in Greenville. The Moosehead Lake is a 40 x 20 mile Lake so there is plenty of room for everyone.

A Trophy fish is waiting for you. Good luck, be safe and have fun ice fishing. Ideally a lakeside cabin is best so you can warm up inside and watch your traps. Choose a lakeside vacation rental with easy access to Moosehead.  As you can see some cabins are just a few feet away from the lake and you can actually watch from inside.

Make plans this year to fish Moosehead Lake. Ice shacks available for rent, and guided trips can be arranged for those of you who would like to try it. The Maine Ice fishing season runs from January 1 to March 31st.

Photo courtesy of Trevor Davis

Maine Ice Fishing Resources:


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30 Dec Maine Snowmobiling

Moving Snow - Then off I Go

Moving Snow – Then off I Go

Maine Snowmobiling Reports

Greenville Maine Moosehead Lake Region has February snowmobile conditions in December. This is very promising and with sub zero temperatures it looks like it is here to stay. Last night we got about 4- 6 inches of  beautiful white snow. No rain here.  The Maine Snow Report is comprised of various local resources and based on snowmobile riders observations.
Maine snowmobiling – Come on and get it. The snow base varies from in town trails being the least, to  snowmobile trail conditions being very good with a hard packed base 2 feet++ in higher elevations.  All major trails have been groomed at least once, and have very little traffic. Most all trails are open and a few re-routes are to be expected due to logging. They are being signed with a detour on RT 66 and a small section to Kokadjo. I noticed panned trails 2 weeks ago in the area club trails.


Squaw Mountain Ski Resort in Greenville reports all 14 trails open with 2 feet of natural snow before the recent storm passed last night.

Thinking about a snowmobile vacation – don’t hesitate- the conditions are great. Greenville caters to snowmobilers but also snow vacations for skiing, dog sledding, cross country skiing, and ice fishing starting this year off with a bang of white snow and great ice conditions.

Plan a Maine snowmobile vacation early this year, as January is the time to get some great riding in and look for antler sheds. The beauty of the season is amazing and something to be experienced. Reports will be generated throughout the season, sign up and get the vacation news for Moosehead Lake Region.

Author = Heather Davis  – Cozy Moose Lakeside Cabin Rentals  and Ron Davis

Author = Trevor Davis – Special T Adventures Maine Guide Service

PS. Facebook posts updated frequently – Find the above contacts on Facebook and their business to see what they have been up to.

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30 Sep Fall Travel in Maine

Maine Fall Foliage Travel Update

Looking for fall foliage colors in New England? Color is no sparse here in Greenville, Maine and points North. We are seeing moderate to high colors with low leaf loss. It is gorgeous here and I just can get enough of the beautiful weather that is here to enjoy the leaf peeping.

I predict we will see high color for about the next 2 weeks pending no major weather systems move through. Now is the time for fall travel in Maine for Moosehead Lake Area.
Here are some photos taken this weekend of the foliage from the surrounding areas of Greenville, Maine. There are some more photos on our Facebook pages so you may want to check that for mobile updates and photos. Vote for your favorite fall photo here or on our Social Media Links below. Pick from our chosen photos or choose one of your own.
Maine fall photography

Fall colors

Fall foliage picture of the week choice #1.

Fall tours

Fall photo of the week choice #2.

Fall Foliage colors

It is colorful here in Greenville Maine.

Fall foliage tours are ongoing through October and color can be seen throughout the Moosehead Lake Area on foliage drives that are based on where the color is most prevalent at the time of your visit. For me, the sunshine and blue sky and above normal temperatures is the best time to sit outside and enjoy the views.
A another great tour is a float plane tour that gives you the grand perspective of color of our beautiful lakes and mountains in the Greenville, Maine area and beyond. Not to mention they are great folks at Currier’s Flying Service

Fall Resources:

Fall Updates on Social Media:

Fall Tours:

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23 Sep Fall Foliage Report

Looking for New England Maine Fall Foliage?

Fall Foliage in Greenville Maine and areas North are turning quickly. Temperatures dipped into low 40’s and not much sunshine today.

Fall color is now progressing and we are seeing moderate color 30% to 40% with leaf loss. The last two days have been quite windy watching colored jewels falling from the sky. It wont be long now. Looking for this weekend to have sunshine and warmer temps. A great time to think about heading to inland Maine if you are out chasing fall colors.

Photo of the week Fall Reflections taken by Trevor Davis on a fall foliage tour from Special T Adventures just south of Greenville.

Fall Reflections

Fall Reflections

Plan a Maine fall road trip. Pick up some Maine apples, pumpkins, and have a drink of apple cider. The cranberry harvest has started in some areas as well. Local corn and tomatoes are great as well as our potato harvest. Enjoy the sights and tastes of this years harvest season.

Greenville Maine features many lakes, ponds, and rivers where the Fall Foliage reflections are beautiful. Fall leaves are just starting to turn in this photo. Fall foliage reports are posted throughout the autumn season.

Looking for a place to stay, choose Greenville Maine for your next fall vacation. Awarded the #1 New England Fall Vacation destination by readers.

Fall Foliage reports are posted when the colors start to turn typically mid September to mid October in Moosehead Lake Region.

For current foliage conditions contact The Cozy Moose at 207-695-0242

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12 Sep New England Fall Foliage

Fall Foliage Emerging

Signs of autumn in Maine are emerging. It won’t be long before the woods are filled with fall foliage autumn colors. Plan a fall vacation to Greenville Maine voted #1 New England foliage vacation destination featuring Moosehead Lake, Mountains, waterfalls and foliage safaris. Enjoy fall sights and tastes of New England on a culinary tour while leaf peeping. Maine’s foliage season is also great for moose watching too.

Fall Foliage

New England summer was stormy so we are starting out with some leaf loss. A leaf peeping bonus is the reward finding that perfect tree to photograph with beautiful fall foliage  exposing majestic limbs. Overall tree health remains fair to good, and we look forward to a colorful season, but perhaps a quick one.

Fall Adventures

Journey through the 2013 fall foliage season with us as our son, Trevor Davis, from Special T Adventures Guide Service will be helping with posting foliage photographs and HD video from his unique foliage and moose tours.  He has many special talents and would be honored to show you some great foliage and lake views and moose too. An adventure culinary tour the tastes of Maine, showcases some beautiful scenery which includes some off road fall foliage tours.

Throughout the season we will show you color changes from a sitting spot under some maples where the late afternoon sun glimmers showcasing brilliant colors. Love the blue sky in the background. All fall photos posted were taken yesterday from one of my foliage sitting spots.

Fall Foliage Reports – From The “Maine Fall Girl”

Fall foliage reports

Hi, I am the “Maine Fall Girl” – aka –  Heather Davis – My husband, Ron and son Trevor,  have 14 years of New England fall tourism and hospitality experience. As a leaf ambassador and corresponder for fall foliage forums over the years we were inspired to start our own fall blog. Here is what has been happening in Maine. I postponed posts, the last two weeks as there was not much exciting happening. Little fall color changes seen in last several weeks until now.  The few cold nights and frost advisories have made a difference. Fall foliage color is 10 – 20% prevalent with color changing daily.  Some trees are starting to crown and the maples outside my window are starting to show signs of reds and oranges.

You will also find Maine Travel information for The Cozy Moose and Special T Adventures at Google +, Facebook and Twitter.

Get Maine Fall Updates –

Watch for featured foliage tree of the week. Post your own favorites throughout the season.  There is a RSS feed under the fall foliage category on the right that you can sign up for to get fall reports for touring New England foliage and for Maine travel. It happens quickly, once the it starts. Now is the time to plan a trip to visit Greenville, Maine Moosehead Lake Region/ Check back for our photo of the week or our photo of the day as color progresses.

Fall Lodging and Fall Guided Tours

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31 Jul Lake Vacations in Maine

Lake Vacations in Greenville Maine

Lake vacations are the perfect getaway. Looking for vacation ideas in Maine? How about a lakeside getaway in Maine North Woods? Visit Maine’s best lake vacation spot.

Lake Vacation

                                                Experience a lake vacation on Moosehead Lake. Enjoy the best of all outside your door.

Greenville Maine at the southern tip of Moosehead Lake was chosen by readers as the #1 vacation spot for fall foliage vacations.  The town of Greenville was chosen, for best spot for New England fall color lake vacations.   Explore our beautiful area. Plan to spend some time in Greenville during the foliage season.

Fall  Lake Vacations

Best fall lake vacations in Maine 


Lonely Planets “Top Ten US Travel Destinations” mentioned Moosehead Lake along with some points North in Maine. Choose Greenville Maine, as your home base for your vacation and make some memories. Experiences vary from families with teenagers that are able to leave hustle of city life behind and enjoy being surrounded by nature to couples looking to escape to a place where nature nurtures body, mind and spirit. Even young families with kids need a place to unwind and a lake vacation is ideal.

Moosehead Lake Vacations

There is just something special about getting out on the lake. Listening to the birds and call of the loons.  How about just floating effortlessly about in Moosehead Lake while taking a refreshing swim. Get inspired feel the freedom of kayaking the lake without any cares. Maine wildflowers, mushrooms, and native plants cover the forested shoreline during the spring, summer and fall.See a beautiful lake sunset and enjoy the fresh mountain air. A great place for a vacation in Maine for families and for romantic getaways.

Mt Kineo - Moosehead Lake

Mt Kineo – Rises above Moosehead Lake


Maine travel in the winter brings snow lovers to Greenville. Moosehead Lake freezes and snowmobiling and ice fishing activities keep winter visitors to the lake busy.  For thrill seekers, snowmobiling the Lake and scenic trails surrounding the lake and mountains of Maine is sure to please. Whatever your pleasure, winter, spring, summer or fall, Maine adventures are available all for seasons. Plan to visit  Greenville, ME and enjoy a perfect lake vacation getaway on Moosehead Lake.

The Cozy Moose Lakeside Cabin Rentals

Enjoy a lake vacation at The Cozy Moose 

Lake Vacations Resources:

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bull moose

17 May Moose in Maine

Maine Moose Facts

Moose facts for watching wildlife in Maine – Greenville is one of the best places to see a moose is in the Moosehead Lake Region. Moose facts – The best time to for viewing is in the early morning or evening time before sunset. May and June are prime moose watching months, although they can be seen throughout all the seasons. To increase your chance of sighting up close, book wildlife watching tour in Greenville, Maine. Late September to early October is a great time to see a bull Moose

There is nothing more rewarding  and exciting when you see them roam free in The Maine Woods of Moosehead Lake Region.

Moose Yearling

Hey, do you want to take my picture?

Top 25 Moose Facts

  1. You can tell age of moose by teeth they pull from managed hunt
  2. They are typically solitary animals
  3. Female is called a cow
  4. A baby is called a calf
  5. Males are called a bull
  6. Maine Moose eat 30-50 lbs of food a day in summer
  7. They eat vegetation called horsetail and other aquatic vegetation
  8. Known as twig eaters –  Birches, Cherries, Willows and Maples 1 inch in diameter – Peel bark off
  9. Moose move relocate for food, as land use changes, clear cuts forestry areas
  10. Female cow first year will have single calf – Beware if watching with calves
  11. Older female have 2 calves then 3 calves – twins
  12. Quadruplets – 4 calves is rare
    Moose facts and Tours

    Moose in Maine

  13. Maine Watching Habitat – they like new growth hardwoods and balsam fir
  14. The antlers have blood supply that coats them with velvet in the spring
  15. In full velvet, blood supply stops, they rub off the velvet and the antlers harden
  16. Main purpose of antlers is for mating season
  17. Fall Mating moose season called the rut
  18. Rut is typically mid September to first of October
  19. Antlers shed in December and January
  20. Males are darker with a lighter nose
  21. White or Ghost Moose occurs from hair loss rubbing, broken hair grows in white
  22. Hair under chin is called a Bell – Shapes and sizes differ
  23. Antlers are high in protein, animals eat them
  24. Fast runners up to 35 mph – Don’t try to out run them.
  25. Great swimmers up to 6mph.


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03 May Maine Bird Watching

Maine Bird Watching

Maine bird watching vacations in Greenville offer visitors a variety of birds to discover all four seasons. Consider Moosehead Lake Forests and Woodlands for your next birding vacation destination for a variety of birds and waterfowl including Loons.

Maine Bird watching

Maine Thrush Nest at The Cozy Moose Log Cabin

Maine Bird Watching in Moosehead Lake Region

Enjoy Maine birding at Moosehead Lake. Rich in natural resources and abounding in beauty, Maine’s abundant forests, lakes and bogs are a great place to find wildlife, birds, ducks and loons. The Moosehead Lake Region draws birding enthusiasts to our area from all over the world.

Greenville Maine, Moosehead Lake Region was the first area to be mapped on the official birding trail of Maine. The birding trail ventures through the woods and bogs of Greenville with great opportunities for a variety of  wildlife sightings.  Without a doubt, this wilderness area is a Maine travel destination for birdwatching.

Maine Bird watching Greenville Maine Bird Watching Vacation

Moosehead Lake Maine bird watching is a year round activity.  Birds thrive in the Maine boreal forests with mixed hardwoods. Maine Travel for bird watching vacations is becoming more popular as birders seek out new species.  Bird tourism is a fun Maine travel attraction for guests who want to bird watch, photograph or just learn about birding.

Maine Winter Birding at Moosehead

The black capped chickadee is our state bird with a friendly personality that stays all winter. Other winter birding favorites:

  • Nuthatches – Red Breasted and White Breasted Maine Birding - Woodpecker
  • Woodpeckers- Hairy, Downy, and Pileated
  • Gray Jays and  Blue Jays
  • Juncos – Dark Eyed
  • Goldfinches
  • Red Polls
  • Grosbeaks – 0ccasionaly
  • Ruffed Grouse
  • Turkeys
  • Owls
  • Eagles

Spring Birding in MaineMaine wildlife birding

Maine Spring offers exceptional birding as migrating song birds return to our forests. Spring migration starts in Late March early April as new species start showing up.  Purple Finches, wide variety of Sparrows, many Warblers, Morning Doves, and more begin to arrive. The Cozy Moose Lakeside Cabin Rentals is an ideal place for a birdwatching vacation in a natural wildlife habitat.  A variety of song birds migrate to surrounding Maine woods in the spring.  The return of Humming Birds in May is a welcome sight.

The woods are filled with beautiful sounds of singing birds and woodpecker drums. Song birds sing filling the air with their musical calls, therefore, making the cabins an ideal place for any nature lover.

Best Bird Watching Vacation

Moosehead Lake Region of Maine offers some of the best bird watching vacation opportunities. With over 8000, lakes and ponds in Maine, migratory ducks, Blue Herons and Loons, return each spring to breed. Maine bird watching is becoming a popular vacation activity as well as moose watching. They have common habitats and a variety of species thrive in the North Maine Woods. Consider staying in a birding vacation rental wildlife habitat which will offer you a birding hotspot for a best birdwatching vacation outside your door.

Maine Birding Watching Vacation Rentals –  Maine Birding

Maine Birding Tours and Loon Safaris – Maine Tours

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