Embracing Spring

 Maine Spring Vacation Cabin Getaway Package

Cozy Moose lakeside getaway embracing spring Spring getaways on Moosehead Lake brings great rewards.

Embracing Spring – The air has a distinctive smell of freshness and life. The beauty of Moosehead Lake and the Maine Woods renews your spirit. A Maine spring vacation tour is a journey full of nature’s joy. Spring cabin getaway tours are great for gardeners, naturalists, photographers and writers, artists and anyone that loves natural beauty and wildlife.nature photo

Be filled with nature’s peace as we walk in the paradise of a lush green forest. We will take several moments to relax. Cherish the fresh smell of the woods and observe trees about us.  Your guide will also show you unique property features of your lakeside vacation getaway.

Embrace Spring in Maine 

Listen to the peaceful sounds of nature.  Special moments to enjoy.  Listen to flowing water, birds, and frogs calling that touch your heart.  Beautiful bird songs fill the air of Maine Woods. Experience life’s heart beat.  Explore vernal pools, bogs, rivers and ponds. The Spring meltdown brings life to the Maine.  Spring is a special time to be in the woods exploring and embracing life.

Maine Spring Vacation Cabinsmorning dove embracing spring in Maine

Maine Forest flora offers many surprises from flowering ground cover as the forest flora and fauna emerges.  See beautiful lush green mosses. Discover and identify Maine spring wildflowers at the vacation cabins. Enjoy a spring getaway. Appreciate the renewal of timeless beauty and the call of the Loon’s as they return to the waterfront. 

Explore Moosehead Lake Area

Hatches of Springtails, frog eggs and other species can be found in vernal pools. Some species found in fossils over 400 million years old still exist today. Wildlife is typically seen on all walks. Snowshoe Hares turn from white to brown and are quite active. Deer and moose wonder about foraging for food. Explore the Maine Woods and enjoy nearby waterfall hikes.

Embracing Spring  Cabin Rental and 2018 Package Deal

  • Lakeside Cabin Lodging  Price –  Double Occupancy –  Starting at $370 for 2 nights  
  • Add Private Spring Tour   – 2 persons when booked with your cabin – $220
  • Each additional guest- $30 – $50
  • Tour Duration – Approximately 3.5  hours
  • Departs from Cabin – Vehicle and/or Walking
  • Skills – Easy to Challenging – Customized for all ages
  • Fun Maine Vacation Tour
  • Available 5/1/18 -6/13/18


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