Maine Wildlife Viewing

Maine Moose and Wildlife Viewing at Moosehead Lake

The Cozy Moose on Moosehead Lake is a great place for a Maine moose and wildlife watching vacation. The Moosehead Lake Region offers many opportunities for wildlife viewing. We are committed to sharing our knowledge of sustaining the ecological integrity of the environment for nature vacations and wildlife viewing Moose watching -  Maine wildlife watchingopportunities.

Our Maine Guide on staff promotes responsible ecotourism travel through education and adventure tours. Please read on to learn about the Maine wildlife viewing tours and animals that you may see throughout the stay at The Cozy Moose.

Moosehead Lake surrounding mountains, ponds, and bogs are largely undeveloped giving way to a wide variety of wildlife habitats and eco systems. Maine Moose roam free and outnumber the people here 3:1. The coyote and bear population thrive, and beaver, otters, and fox sightings are common. Moosehead Lake Region is known for its wide variety of birds that thrive in the area. Enjoy a Maine nature vacation in a peaceful and lake setting on Moosehead Lake. Watch the loons, ducks, and vareity of warblers and woodpeckers that thrive in the area. Cozy Moose guests treasure our natural lake setting as Loon sightings are frequent, and it is home to a variety of ducks, and a pair of Mergansers. Please help us protect our Maine wildlife habitat and our waterfront. Visitors’ actions can make a difference in sustaining the health of the Moosehead Lake Area as a Maine ecotourism nature vacation travel destination in the years to come.

Become wise stewards of the land during your stay.

Our Maine vacation waterfront is protected by NRPA and Shoreland Waterfront Zoning restrictions, making it a unique wildlife refuge. The NRPA (Natural Resource Protection Act) regulates earth disturbance in, on and within 100 ft of Moosehead Lake.

Prevent erosion – ground cover, decomposing leaves, twigs and rocks along our shoreline be left undisturbed.

Please prevent ground contamination by practicing the following:

  • Conserve water –
  • Stagger showers
  • Use caution not to spill any oil used for recreational vehiclesMoose Watching
  • Collect all cooking grease in sealed containers, and put in trash (never pour down the drain or outside)

Tread Lightly – Leave a good impression – Protect the Maine outdoors for the wildlife conservation.

T – Travel and recreate with minimum impact
R – Respect the environment and rights of others
E – Educate yourself, plan and prepare before you go
A – Allow for future use of the outdoors; leave it better than you found it
D – Discover the rewards of responsible recreation

Watching a Moose with calf

“ Maine Guide Services offered by our recreational guide on staff. Growing up in Greenville Maine and being a tourism proffesional, he has extensive knowledge to share with vacation guests about Maine wildlife and conservation. ” Maine moose tours have a educational nature focus on forestry, management of moose, other wildlife and thier habitat.

Forest Society of Maine – Maine Conservation Efforts for of forest land, plants and wildlife surrounding Moosehead Lake preserving our forests for moose and other wildlife.

North Maine Woods – Multiple use – Multiple ownership – Multiple Management – Promotes responsible Moosehead Lake Region and beyond eco travel for Maine vacation recreation.

Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife protects all species of Maine wildlife and aquatic resources in state of Maine.

Bull Moose wildlife watching

Wildlife Viewing and Maine Tours

It is easy to see why, The Moosehead Lake region of Maine is one of the top Moose ecotourism destinations in the Americas for family vacations and nature vacations. The region is abundant natural resources and wildlife viewing opportunities. Nature tourism based activities, moose safaris, and wildlife tours are enjoyed all four seasons. The Maine moose and other wildlife have become one of the areas greatest attractions. Listed below is sampling of the abundant wildlife viewing opportunities available in the area.

Lynx Population
Maine’s Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife biologists in the past have identified six dens containing nearly double the number of lynx kittens found in previous years. The lynx is listed as a threatened species under the federal Endangered Species Act.

All Year
Birds, squirrels
and chipmunks visit our Cozy Moose feeders, and can be enjoyed throughout the year. Foxes and deer can also be viewed in the surrounding forests. Beavers, bobcats, and coyotes are occasionally spotted as well.

Late April through May
Common loons and black ducks return to The Cozy Moose waterfront at this time and a wide variety of birds return to our feeders. Otters and Beavers have been observed swimming in the open water at The Cozy Moose. Loons begin their courtship, establish their territories and bond with their mates. Excellent fishing is typical throughout the region.

Late April through October
Maine Moose Tours and Moose safari adventures This moose country wildlife tour departs in mid to late afternoon. Complimentary transportation to moose country. Learn about Moose and enjoy moose watching. Nature tours are a great way to enjoy the vast wilderness of Moosehead Lake Region, mountain scenery, and look for moose and other wildlife. Your Maine guide knows the area well, and will take you to popular moose haunts and scenic overlooks. Guided nature trips are based on your desires. Maine Wildlife Tour price is $75 per person for 2.5 to 3hr tour, each additional is $30. Minimimum of 2 people

May and June
Is the most predictable time to spot Maine Moose along the roadsides. Moose are shedding their winter coats. Cows are getting ready to give birth to calves. Mid June is a great time to catch a glimpse of a cow moose with her nursing calves. Loons build their nests on small islands in shallow coves away from people and predators, with parents taking turns warming their eggs. Song birdsreturn to the area and bird watchers enjoy the wide variety of species the migrate in the spring. Bird watching tours are a great way to learn what to look for during your visit to Moosehead Lake.

Late May thru October
Maine Ecotourism Tours by Canoe- Wildlife Nature Canoe Safaris AvailableEnjoy a canoe moose safari adventure to one of our areas remote ponds looking for the majestic Maine moose. This Maine vacation nature adventure moose tour provides a tranquil and relaxing setting for moose and other Maine wildlife viewing. Canoe tours provide you with an opportunity to view moose grazing upon pond vegetation in the water, waterfowl, and experience the sounds of nature. Wildlife tours by land, water or air, moose sightings and great scenery is an exciting adventure tour.

June,July, August and early September
Moose retreat to backwater ponds and bog areas in the land to feed on aquatic plants. Moose bed down in surrouding areas and can be seen on land tours offering other possible wildlife sightings. Maine Moose safaris are only one of the (Moosehead Lake Attractions) in the area. Loons Watching the loons a popular wildlife attraction. Eggs hatch and parents spend most of their time fishing for the chicks. Babies can be seen riding on their parents’ backs at our waterfront.

July to early August
From a boat, it’s possible to glimpse Peregrine Falcons teaching their young to fly and hunt. They are on the endangered species list, and have made the cliffs of Mt Kineo a nesting habitat.

Bald Eagles, Osprey, Canada Geese, Blue Herons and many other birds’ nesting habitats can be found in the area and surrounding bogs, and forests of Moosehead Lake throughout the summer.

Late August to early September
Black bears are fairly active and can be observed eating wild blueberries, blackberries and raspberries that grow throughout the area. Maine has the largest population of Black Bears east of the Mississippi. They are the most secretive of all animals.

Mid-September thru October
Private guided wildlife viewing nature tours are popular this time of year. Moose become more active and visible as rutting season arrives. Bull moose are especially handsome this time of year, with full antlers and a beautiful coat. Our Maine Guide on staff, can call bulls and cows in during the rut. This time of year offers a great Moose adventure for wildlife viewing

December thru April
This winter vacation tour combines the love of outdoors and the adventure of dog sledding through the Maine Woods. Dog sled trips offer a unique winter vacation experience allowing you to take in the sights and sounds of winter wildlife.

January thru March
Professionally guided Maine snowmobiling tours, focus on the appreciation of winter wonderland. Explore groomed trails and back country snowmobile trails known to few looking for signs of Maine wildlife and winter wildlife habitat. Maine Wildlife Viewing Opportunities- Snowshoe hares, coyotes, eagles, owls, gray jays, grouse, deer, mink, moose and more! Animal tracks are easily identified after a fresh fallen snow.

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