Moosehead Lake Snowmobiling

Maine Snowmobiling – Moosehead Lake Maine Snowmobile Trails
Snowmobilers from Maine and beyond; know the Moosehead Lake Region offers some of New England’s finest snowmobile trails in Maine.

eagle lake trains Moosehead Lake Snowmobile RideThe Snowmobiling in the Moosehead Lake Region of Greenville Maine features the famed Moosehead Snowmobile Trail as well as a number of other scenic mountain snowmobile trails on the Maine Interconnecting Trail System (ITS) where moose and other wildlife are often seen. Plan a snowmobile trip to Moosehead Lake and enjoy beautiful scenery, moose and mountains. Here in Greenville, Maine you can be close to dining options, a grocery store and other local businesses that cater to snowmobilers and not have to drive hours to have amenities and services.

The 2014-15 grooming contract for Greenville Maine ITS Snowmobile Trails is being maintained by The Moosehead Riders Snowmobile Club with individuals dedicated to making Moosehead Lake snowmobile trails a pleasure to ride on. Greenville snowmobile trails were groomed in December a first in years. We’ve listed below a sampling of some popular Moosehead Lake area snowmobile trail rides, and snowmobile destinations.

The Cozy Moose snowmobile cabins are centrally located to all interconnecting trails offering both lake and trail access making it a smart snowmobile lodging choice. Arrange your next snowmobile vacation with The Cozy Moose on Moosehead Lake and enjoy some of the best Maine snowmobiling in New England. Our snowmobile cabin guests receive trail maps and suggestions on where the best riding is based on current conditions.

Annual Maine Snowmobile Trail Rides

moosehead lake snowmobilingB-52 Memorial Elephant Mountain Snowmobile Trail Ride
Begun in 1993, this Greenville, Maine snowmobile trail ride is held in January the week before the Moosehead Lake Ice Fishing Tournament. Riders hold a memorial ceremony at the site where a B-52 Stratafortress strategic bomber hit Elephant Mountain on January 24, 1963 during a training flight. Portions of the airplane are still visible at the crash site (about eight miles from the center of Greenville).

Ricky Craven Moosehead Lake Region Ice Fishing Snowmobile Trail Ride
NASCAR driver and Maine native, Ricky Craven, and area businesses host the Moosehead Lake Ice Fishing Tournament which is the last weekend in January.

Popular Moosehead Lake Region Snowmobile Trips ‘n’ Trails

Nature Snowmobile Tours – A Maine Winter Vacation Adventure
Explore the beauty of Maine’s winter forest on un-crowded groomed back country snowmobile trails that are known to few. Maine snowmobiling tours are simply the best way to enjoy more scenery, and cover more areas for possible Maine wildlife sightings in The North Woods. Your snowmobile tour guide will share his knowledge of winter wildlife habitat bedding as you encounter signs along the way. Cozy Moose snowmobile tours have a lot to offer and are typically within a 60 mile radius from The Cozy Moose as our central location allows for quick connection to a variety of snowmobile trails. Moosehead Lake snowmobiling trips are a unique winter vacation experience that combines the thrill of adventure and discovery with beautiful scenery, Maine wildlife and nature.

Snowmobile Guide – Maine Snowmobile Trips to Scenic High Spots
Request our special scenic landscape back country snowmobile tour of the Moosehead Lake Region that includes snowmobiling to high spots over looking incredible unspoiled winter landscapes away from crowded snowmobile trails. A must for nature photographers!

snowmobile guided tripThe Moosehead Snowmobile Trail
This 166-mile snowmobile trail loop circumnavigates Moosehead Lake, taking you through the towns of Greenville, Kokadjo, NE Carry, Seboomook, Pittston Farm and Rockwood before returning back to Greenville.

RT 66; ½ Loop
Approximately 55 miles, this snowmobile trail takes you on the southern portion of the Moosehead Lake Snowmobile Trail, traversing the towns of Greenville, Kokadjo and Rockwood.

Greenville Shirley Snowmobile Trail Loop off ITS 86/87
This groomed snowmobile trail loop is North of Lake Moxie- a great ride encompassing mountain views, woods trails, and is a must do.

Connector Trail To Katahdin Iron Works to Brownville
This lovely scenic Maine snowmobile trail is just minutes away from our Moosehead Lake snowmobile vacation cabins taking you to higher elevations offering some great riding.

Maine Snowmobiling Trail Railroad Bed- ITS 85S
This is Moosehead Lakes widest, and for the most part a reasonably straight, snowmobile trail that takes you south of Greenville through several local towns connecting to various snowmobile trails for miles of riding. Simply put Maine has More trails than any New England State.

snowmobile ridePittston Farms
Serving home-cooked meals, this rustic inn’s history dates back to the days of lumbering and river running. Depending upon your departure point it can be a full day’s ride, but is certainly one you won’t forget.

ITS 85/86- Scammon Ridge
Scammon Road Trail is being re-routed making a permanent new snowmobile trail offering scenic views of Moosehead Lake, Prong Pond and surrounding mountains. A short trip to the B-52 is a must do. Portion of the trail is still in progress, so be sure to watch for signage.

Ragged Loop Snowmobile Trail
An approximately 98-mile Maine snowmobile trail loop, departing from Kokadjo. This local club trail intersects on ITS 85/86 about halfway to Millinocket, and continues east back to Kokadjo.

Lake Jo Mary
Another destination North and East of Greenville is a great area to explore along with the serious riders heading over towards Millinocket.

ITS 87- The Forks
This popular, scenic ride is a 68-mile round trip from Greenville, and offers Maine snowmobilers a chance to experience a combination of wooded trails and scenic views — not to mention a great place to stop for lunch or dinner.

Snowmobile Trail Ride on the the LakeSnowmobiling Loop Trail off ITS 87
On ITS 87 heading toward the Forks, a signed trail on the left takes you to Jackman. About halfway to Jackman, the trail loops and circles to Rockwood, and intersects with ITS 86 (which can be taken back to Greenville ITS 85). This snowmobile trail loop covers quite a bit of distance, and offers wooded areas and scenic views along the way.

2015 – 2016 Maine Snowmobiling in Greenville
Since the Moosehead Lake Region receives over 100 inches of snow each winter, snowmobiling in Maine is a way of life and area business, and individuals who live and work in the area are dedicated to improve the Greenville, Maine ITS Snowmobile Trail System. There is also some great riding to be found on Moosehead Lake snowmobile club trails off the ITS. We appreciate and all the support the Moosehead Lake area club and surrounding town club trail maintenance and grooming efforts. A new Piston Bully was added to the grooming fleet, 2016 trails will be groomed more consistently with a third groomer. The Cozy Moose is a supporting member of the MRSC. Support the snowmobile trails you ride on, join a Maine snowmobile club. Contact us for a memorable Maine snowmobile vacation at Moosehead Lake. Thank you to Moosehead Lake Snowmobile Club, The Moosehead Riders, stop by the club house and tell them The Cozy Moose said Hello.

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