Moosehead Lake Vacation

Moosehead Lake Vacation

Moosehead Lake Vacation Land – A place for a lake vacation in Maine surrounded by Mountains and lakes to embrace life. Come see unspoiled natural wonders and enjoy wildlife watching in the Maine Woods with uniquely preserved land for open access use. You will enjoy Moosehead open access land, miles of logging roads and trails for multiple use. Uniquely identified as a top ten place for wildlife watching( Moose) in United States in addition also mentioned as a top ten place for US Travel by Lonely Planet.
Moosehead Lake Vacation - Unspoiled landscapes - beauty and beyond

Why Vacation at Moosehead Lake ?

Moosehead lake is a 20 x 40 mile glacial lake encompassing several towns. Diverse coves, mountains and studded with islands. There are over 300 islands on Moosehead Lake. The town of Greenville Maine is located at the southern tip of the Lake. Wondering where to stay for your Moosehead Lake vacation? The place to stay at Moosehead Lake is the town of Greenville, Maine for all services and amenities are offered to guests for the ideal Moosehead Lake vacation. Furthermore, Moosehead Lake mentioned as in top 11 places to rent a summer vacation lake house by Trip Advisor.

Who takes a Moosehead Lake Vacation ?

Families of all ages, adventure seekers, photographers’ and artists seeking to discover unspoiled beauty. Moosehead Lake is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in America to visit, live, work, play and explore. Specifically deemed as America’s Crown Jewel, you can experience a piece of heaven all four seasons. An amazing lake and mountain vacation destination notably Moosehead Lake offers many Moosehead hiking trails and fun Maine adventures for all ages. A historical, legendary beautiful place to vacation surely treasured by the people that live here and visit. In fact, Moosehead Lake is a place where sunken remains of Steamships hulls, and rail lines remain of a time gone by.  Abandoned railroad beds open for multiple use trails to explore by vehicle, ATV, UTV, hiking, and snowmobile.
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Moosehead Lake is a perfect vacation place to see the unique cultures by the people you meet and adventures you seek. A remarkable place for a healthy lifestyle that still endures. Outdoor recreation and adventure is a way of life here, a place like no other.

What is the best time to visit ?

The answers varies based on what type of vacation they want to experience and activities. The attractions page offer suggestions on what to do at Moosehead Lake based our every day experiences. Get inspired daily by the natural wonders surrounding you at the Lake In addition, you can read our Maine vacation blog explicitly based on local attractions living and working in the hospitality and tourism industry for over 19 years. Real people sharing adventures in the Maine Woods.Relax on Moosehead Lake

Moosehead Area Resources

By all means, The Davis Family assist guests with local area vacation information.  Discover Moosehead Lake area best places to eat, shop and local products. Enjoy sightseeing Maine tours, fun family vacation activities, motorsports adventures, and things to do. Let us help you plan a perfect vacation to Moosehead Lake. With this in mind, our family looks forward to hearing from you and making your Moosehead Lake vacation awesome. The 2018 Moosehead Lake Event Calendar lists annual events for you to plan your Moosehead Lake vacation.

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