Maine Cabin Rental Vacation Rental Agreement

To reserve agree and initial terms below. We will email a.pdf form / file of your reservation details and charges for you to return for processing. The rental applicant is considered the lead renter and assumes responsibility for all members. These terms and conditions clarifies obligations to the Renter and the Owner and in the unlikely event of any disputes, it will be used as basis for resolution. Any questions? Please call 207-695-0242 or email The Cozy Moose


  1.  RENT: 50% deposit required to book, balance due 30 days prior to arrival. Renter liable for balance of payment within 30 days. Rent: 100% payment in full is due for dates booked within 30 days before rental commences. _____
  2.  PAYMENTS / CREDIT CARD AUTHORIZATION: Renter agrees to that their MasterCard or Visa card is used as a security deposit and to hold rental until lease returned accepting the reservation, authorizes payment(s) and type of payment. PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, electronic payments through secure server, an A+ Merchant provider. All international clients must use their own PayPal account.  Non-payment by the balance due date will be treated as a cancellation. _____
  3. CONDITION OF PROPERTY: Is inspected prior to your arrival. Renter understands to notify us with any damage and or concerns. Renter understands and accepts they are responsible for any damage in excess of reasonable wear and tear to the extent of repair or replacing of missing or damaged items. The Renter is expected to leave property in same state of cleanliness and general order in which it was found. Failure to do so will result in a fee being levied. Excessive cleaning time may include extra time to clean hand prints left on glass, excessive dirt / grease, stain removal, and re-washing of dishes. _____
  4.  NO SMOKING AND NO PETS: Any signs or smells of smoking or pets will automatically result in charge of a minimum room fee of $250 _____
  5. CHECK INS: Are scheduled for 3pm – Monday – Saturday at the office. The office is open until 4pm. Late check in is not an option as we personally meet and greet all guests. _____
  6. CHECK OUT: Anytime before 10am – No late departures, Late check out fees may apply. Please call or email when you have departed  _____
  7. OCCUPANCY/GUESTS/VEHICLES: Only the number of registered occupants and vehicles are to be on the property. Property is limited those named in agreement. Any changes are to be reported prior to arrival. Occupants / room fees include any and all persons, day and overnight guests denoted in agreement. Use of extra beds will result in a $30 room fee per bed. Exceeding the number of occupants / vehicles stated and agreed upon will result in eviction and you will be escorted off the property immediately without refund.  _____
  8. PARKING: Registered vehicles, trailers and recreational vehicles have assigned parking. _____
  9. RECREATIONAL RENTALS: Canoes and kayaks are not included. Rental agreement, safety equipment and instructions are available at the office. Call to reserve.  _____
  10. RECREATIONAL: The Cozy Moose is not are not liable for any injuries, damages or theft for any recreational equipment. Dock and dock use is at your own risk. No operation or parking of any vehicles is permitted between Cabins, under porches or on decks. Operation of motorized vehicles is for access to trails and Lake. Respect your neighbors. We will not tolerate complaints by others for disrespectful activity. QUIET HOURS- observed before 8am and after 10pm. _____
  11. HEAT/UTILITIES/REFUNDS: Heat and utilities included, there will be no refunds if failure should occur or service be interrupted. No refunds will be made for inclement weather or for early departures. _____
  12. GAS FIREPLACES: Gas log fireplaces are serviced and inspected by a trained technician. Do not set anything on top or make any adjustments other than the thermostat control on the wall. Note: Fireplaces are usually turned off by Memorial Day through Columbus Day. _____
  13. ENTRY/INSPECTION/SERVICE: If required, the Cozy Moose reserves the right to service, inspect or make repairs.  _____
  14. ELECTRICAL: No outside hookups are permitted. Please do not move or disconnect any inside electronics. Failures due to disconnects require technical support will be at your expense. _____
  15. LAKE / TRAIL ACCESS: Use at your own risk. Please exercise extreme caution. Refer to lake access information provided at check in. _____
  16. WATERFRONT: The Cozy Moose beach, boat dock, & outside grounds are common area to all lodging guests only. Please NO Glass – NO Diving – Swim at your own risk.  Thank you _____
  17. BE GREEN/RECYCLING/ TRASH: You agree to recycle; otherwise, it is Carry In – Carry Out, You must recycle cans, bottles, 1 and 2, plastics, newspapers and cardboard in containers provided. All household trash is to be bagged with no recyclables or liquids. It will be picked up at the end of your stay or when property is being serviced. No hazardous waste of any kind. _____
  18. SEPTIC SYSTEMS: Use septic safe toilet paper. All other products, flushable wipes or Kleenex are to be put in trash. Put grease in sealed containers, bagged and dispose in household trash. Never dumped outside or down sinks. Thank You _____
  19. INDEMNIFICATION: The Cozy Moose is not liable for personal injuries. Any unsafe or dangerous condition must be reported to us immediately. For children’s safety, they are to be supervised at all times. Renter agrees to hold The Cozy Moose harmless for any and all loss of or damage to your personal property, injury or death resulting from the use of the rental property, grounds, boat dock, beach or lake. _____
  20. OUTSIDE GROUNDS/GAS GRILLS: No outside campfires, charcoal fires, fireworks, firearms, BB guns, air rifles, or slingshots permitted on premises. Gas grills are provided Memorial Day – Columbus Day for outdoor cooking. Grills are to remain in grilling area. No grills are permitted on decks, under overhangs and are to be set in a safe area. Grills are to be kept clean the way you found them. Certified tanks are provided for grills. Gas for grills is not provided. _____
  21. UNLAWFUL ACTIVITY: Renter agrees not to violate any local, county, or federal laws. This includes removing shoreline vegetation and supporting rocks, cutting trees or branches as to not violate shore land zoning regulations. _____
  22. DISPUTES: In the unlikely event of any legal dispute concerning this agreement, the parties elect the jurisdiction civil courts of the Cozy Moose in Piscataquis County, Maine. _____
  23. TERMINATION/DEFAULT/ VIOLATIONS: This is a short-term transient rental agreement. Any violations stated above without a signed acknowledgment from The Cozy Moose will be grounds for eviction without entitlement to prior notice and result in no refund. Cozy Moose reserves the right to cancel any reservation made under false pretenses & has the right to refuse or discontinue agreement if it is in the opinion that the renter(s) are detrimental to the property. _____
  24. CANCELLATION POLICY & CHANGING BOOKINGS: Once a reservation is accepted, the lease is returned and the initial or full payment processed, cancellation can only be processed with terms stated:  A. If the period for the rental can be rebooked, a refund for dates booked less a cancellation fee of $75 will be refunded.  B. If rental cannot be rebooked, the Lessee will forfeit all monies paid for that period. C. Only if a cancellation request is received more than 30 days in advance of arrival, deposit will be refunded less cancellation fee of 20%. Note: This does not limit the owners right to give shorter notice to cancel as permitted by law due to unforeseeable circumstances. _____
  25. The terms and conditions of the lodging property are stated in this agreement. I agree to the property terms 1 through 25.  I have initialed each term acknowledging I understand them. I will ensure members in my party abide by the terms set forth. A signed electronic copy of this agreement shall have the same force and effect as an original.

X Sign Here: _________________________________Date_______________


PRINTED NAME on card: _____________________________________

Billing Address: ____________________________Phone: ________________

City: ________________________State: ___________Zip: _______________

Email: ____________________________Cell: __________________________

Call with card numbers to hold dates until lease returned.  Use a card that will not expire during your stay.

Denote last 4 digits  ________  Return complete lease.

RENTAL______________________RESERVATION# ___________________

Arrive______________ at 3pm -Depart__________________ before 10am

Total Rental Fee $_______________ Advance Deposit $_______________

Balance due authorized  $___________________ Payment _____________

REGISTERED                                                         Method_______________

OCCUPANTS ____________Vehicle(s)___________________________

Return as .pdf – jpeg, to [email protected] – fax# 207-695-0956  3 of 3  – 4/16

Cozy Moose, Inc. – PO Box 29 – Greenville, ME  – 04441 –  207-695-0242

Note:  There is no reservation without a completed returned lease to process or deposit paid. 

Destination Moosehead Lake